It is that season of love again and the writer in me thought of sharing about the magic of falling in love! Well, my conception about love has kept changing over the years but something has never changed is - “To be in love and to be loved are the two best feelings on earth”. In today’s world when we chase time for money and when relationships take a backseat it is that bliss of falling in love that guides us to joy and make our lives worth living. Love is universal for it transcends cast, religion, language and creed. Valentine’s day is celebrated across the globe because people realize the magic of falling in love..When I say magic I mean it and you have to fall in love to believe it. At the outset wishing all the lucky couples a Happy Valentine’s day! And to those who have given up finding your love,I wish let your love find you! I’m sure Cupid is right there working a surprise for you this Valentine’s day!

For all those who are wondering when love blooms, make it clear Love happens only at first sight..few realize it at that moment, few take a chance to know them better giving a relationship tag as friend, colleague etc.. and realize it later, few never understand it and keep sulking they are not lucky to fall in love..Even today when I meet young couples they vividly remember their first meet and describe those magical moments as if it just happened yesterday..The way he/she was attracted to her/him.. the way she talked..the way she smiled..the way she carried herself..for people who were connected over internet, they still remember the first lively chat they had..So love starts with attraction, at first sight! At that moment of destiny you understand that exclusive connect you feel with her and blush off thinking why it never happened with anyone else before. You hear those bells chiming..those bulbs glowing.. those butterflies in your stomach and you enjoy those Aska-laska moments.

Maybe it could have never happened to you.. But wait..Love demands us to be patient for it will happen for once in everyone’s life. As a great man always says “Dream..dream to succeed”..It doesn’t apply just for life,but for love too. You need to be determined you will fall in love and the rest will fall in place. You can’t build a wall across your heart and keep waiting for someone to break it.. For all the years you have lived, there must be someone impressed by you or you have impressed someone. It is time you introspect yourself..look back at the diary of your life and flip through those beautiful pages and you will realize she was the girl with whom you knew it would work.. It is never late even now..Let her know atleast now you loved her and you still love her. At the end of the day it is not about she accepting or rejecting your proposal but atleast letting her know you love her.. You never really know..That might be the only word she was waiting for all these years..

Looking back, it is not about winning or losing in love,it is all about falling in love and feeling the MAGIC of love. You just cant force love to happen for love is spontaneous, involuntary and it will happen when you least expect it to! It is love only when two people have the same feelings at the same time.. Acquainting with people, over the years I realized everybody has someone with whom they believed it could happen. They speak so honestly about their “feelings” for her to their friends but they never get the guts to enact that moment of bravery and honesty of telling her the same to transform that “just” feelings to love.

Don’t ever put your ego or dignity ahead of your love and become the Anisha of my short shory-Unspoken words of love.I’m sure this read would have given you the confidence to take your relationship forward and what better day to start it with than this Valentine’s day! May the magic of romance always find you and fill your heart with wonder at the amazing power love has to transform us all.


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