Hi readers,
Yet another year,filled with ups and downs passes by and a new year dawns which promises lots of hope and enjoyment! I wish and pray 2010 gives you lots of reasons to smile and enjoy!

3 cute resolutions I suggest you take and follow:
1.Start writing a personal diary
2.Start forgiving people,for that is the sweetest way to take revenge ;-)
3.Smile,no matter how bad your life treats you.Remember to enjoy every single moment in your life!

May God bless you!!!
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Atlast… After 6 months,I have somehow managed to write my 25th post! The journey has been an amazing,though short..Lots of lessons learned,lots of good friends,few critics… I look up with pride the way I used my limited writing skills and came up with some really decent posts. Initially I was very apprehensive of starting a blog for myself,as I feared if I could manage one and if I could write quality posts.But I backed my writing skills and started one! My first post One night @ the call center gave me the confidence to continue writing! Though the response was lukewarm,I still consider it close to my heart,as it brought out the writer in me! Then followed a couple of posts which were so emotional and gave the readers a test for their lachrymal glands!

There was a lull period in my blog,before which the post -“A walk to Remember” gave me a break which I very badly needed as a blogger. Blogadda and Indiblogger helped my cause recognizing that post and bringing Benny-the blogger, from obscurity to being known. Even today when I meet my friends or chat with my blog friends they relate me with Meera,which is really heartening. I really enjoyed writing all my fictional stories and other posts,but “Dream within a dreamwas totally fictional and surreal and gave that extra feel of satisfaction and enjoyment when I finished writing. The biggest thing that could have happened to me in my blogging life is my nomination by Indiblogger for the best blogger award in Literature-Short story Section. It gave me a chance to reach out to new blogs,which were hitherto unknown to me and new visitors came to visit my blog also!

Everyone starts a blog with a theme or an idea in mind.I was no exception.I was very particular,I must not make my blog into a personal one writing about my life or my friends. Except for my Tinku and MY Dhoni (*wink*) I don’t think I have revealed too much of my personal things anywhere in my blog. But yeah.. as every fictional writer would confess,there is always a tinge of real life scenario in their writings!

Ha..A big thanks to my blog friends,who have always been supportive and kind to me and my writings! Without u and ur support I don’t think I would have come so long in this blogsphere. I have this regret when I write my 25th post. Not many of real life close pals have visited my blog yet.”What will he write?Why should I read that? ” thought still restrains them from seeking refugee in my world! But at the same time,my blog friends have encouraged me and kept me going saying,”You can write…Keep writing”! I was also a recipient of few awards from my most generous blog friends..It feels good getting these awards from you! Thanks !!!

Thanks Rahul for both the awards!!

Thanks Neha and Shruthi for the Humane award!

Winding my 25th post on a personal note,I’m leaving to Hyderabad for my job’s training tomorrow.So I’m not very sure when I could publish my next post...But I promise to write some short stories when I find time and keep my blog active! Also promise to keep in touch with all my blog friends and check out ur posts regularly...Be good and do good guys...Bye !!! Miss u all :-(


...From my cute little brother

The author has left Chennai for some official work for a month and this is a letter written by his cute little brother to him.

Dear Benny Chetta,

How are you?Where are you? When will you come back? Lots of questions in my mind. But I don’t have a reply yet! I still, vividly remember the day,you carried a huge baggage with you bidding bye to me and our parents.You spoke lots to me before you left,but I understood nothing.I never thought it will take so many days for you to return.I’m waiting for you here.

The ball is lying on the floor,with no one to throw to me and play.Sis is happily watching the TV,as there is no one to fight with her for the remote.Mom is busy with her household works,so is dad with his office works. I’m getting used to sleep alone in our bed without hugging you and without switching ON the A\c. I’m becoming more disciplined in the dining table as I don’t dare to take those chicken pieces from others plate as I,happily, do from yours. I’m deprived of the early morning walks with you,as I have become lazy, sleeping all day. I know our parents and sis take care of me,but still I’m missing Benny Chetta’s affection and care!

Dad and mom speak about you every night,but I hardly understand what they speak.I go to bed thinking of you and expecting you will surprise me,coming tomorrow morning. But as the day dawns,as usual I’m cheated. I ponder on the good old days we spend together teasing our sis,making our parents shout at the silly things we do at home, watching movies sitting on your lap, sharing our breakfast. Lots of cute memories to cherish for a life time.Missing you Benny Chetta!

Your friends no longer come home to visit me. Do they have any problem or they are just afraid of me still ?? Why don’t they understand I care for them as much I care for you,though I intimidate them
at times.It’s my duty you see :D I guess they are missing you,just like me. I’m not getting those biscuits which your girl friend usually brings,trying to coax me! Non-vegetarian dishes have become a rarity at home,these days, as sis hates that and mom is bored preparing! So when will you be back? I very badly,need those biscuits and chicken pieces! I’m already losing weight! ;-)

I have neither got a chance to tell you how much I love you nor I can do it also.If my memories are sharp,I still remember the day I was brought to your house as a kid,the nights you helped me sleep,caring for me without limits,taking me out to show how the world looks like,feeding me and help me grow faster.Someone told me the other day I was 6 yrs old and I was shocked.Days have passed by so fast and I don’t know how long I will stil live
on this earth,as I’m getting older by the passing day! So I want you to be here with me sharing all your joys and sorrows as you always do with me! I want to hear your voice Chetta!

My inner conscience feels gulity,thinking if I was the reason for you going out of our house.If so,I promise not to bug you again….not to disturb you in your sleep,not to touch your dining plate again,not to bark at your friends anymore, not to take your shoes and socks and make you run after me. Forgive me Bro if I was wrong. Anyways I’m your cute,little bro with little knowledge na! Who else on earth can be as nice as you were to me! I want you back in my life.Please come back soon!

Where ever you are,what ever you are doing, have that sunshine smile with you! I love that smile of yours, Cheta!

P.S:I have a attached a pic of me,brooding...Atleast see that and come back Benny Chetta!


Yours loving brother,


FOOT NOTE: This is only post which brought a drop of tear in my eyes,after I completed writing! As I’m leaving to Hyderabad in a fortnight,I will surely miss my cute bro! Guys,having a faithful pet like a dog is a blessed and the nicest thing which can happen to you in your life time! Be blessed!


A tantalizing romance…

Wishing all the Malayalis across the globe,A very Happy onam!!!And thanks to Indiblogger users,who voted for me in the poll conducted last month.I’m honoured to end up in the top 5 ranks in Literature:Short story section! Thanq! This new story may sound familiar to you,but I have tried to write it in my own style,with a few changes! Do read and comment honestly..Thanks!

Anisha has just started to dance to the tunes of her life…Entering the final year of her college..the pressure of placements,final year projects,cold war within her friends circle has made life miserable for her! She was missing her parents very badly as her hostel friends have deserted her for some silly reason.The only solace Anisha found during these days of hardship was the beach near her hostel,which was just a 5 kms drive.As she was busy with her tight college schedule during the weekdays,she made it a point to visit the beach every Saturday! She was more than happy to go to the beach alone..spend more time introspecting about herself,speak with those waves which caressed her feet every now and then,enjoy the beautiful scene of the sun kissing the sea at the horizon,envying those cute couples holding hands and walking together,looking at the families who were enjoying their weekend,eavesdropping and giggling at the newly married couples and sipping her Pepsi can,Anisha had her best time of the week,being alone!

It was one such Saturday,when Anisha caught the attention of a smart,clean- shaved guy,who must have been in his early 20’s wearing a casual T shirt and a faded jean,with his ears plugged with headsets and was smiling to himself. He was sitting alone, just like Anisha and was admiring the beauty of the sun set.She was surprised to see him alone,as she has only seen guys come in group to this beach! She was tempted to speak to him,but her conservative upbringing held her back.She just wished she got a company to speak something,that evening…But she never got one,as darkness started to creep and her watch struck 7. She left the beach soon,as she had to report to her warden before 8.

It was yet another hectic week of assingments and assessments,that she could not wait for the next Saturday to come ! When it eventually came,she was thrilled as usual about her rendezvous with the beach! She arrived in her favourite pink salwars,charming as always, at the beach before the sun set! She sat at her usual place,which she has almost made it her own! After few minutes,Anisha was in for a pleasant surprise as her eyeballs caught the same guy,with whom she thought of speaking the last week.The guy was sitting alone even today,which again tempted Anisha to speak to him,but she wasn’t able to make the move. At that moment of destiny,as Anisha was wondering how to start a conversation,that guy,by chance turned back and saw Anisha staring at him.She nervously smiled back at him which was more than enough for a guy sitting alone in the beach,to make the first move!!! ;-)

A warm hand shake and a pleasing smile followed by,” This is Rahul” was enough to wipe off any “strange”r feelings in the mind of Anisha. She reciprocated,”This is Anisha,doing my final year of engineering”.Rahul was neatly dressed,clean shaved and posed to be from a decent and well educated family.Anisha was really happy as she found someone to speak with. “U come alone to beach?” Rahul asked.”Ha..You are not bad.I was about to ask you the same,but you asked me first ;) “ quipped Anisha… Rahul smiled as he replied,”Yeah..I love being alone”.Anisha opined,”Me too.I love being alone,until, I feel that I’m lonely.That feeling sickens me”. Soon,they struck the right chord as they had many things in common to discuss. Anisha,kept on speaking,that she even forgot she had to return to her hostel before 8 and when she realised it was late,she quickly bid goodbye to Rahul and left the place.Rahul assured to meet Anisha the next Saturday at the same beach! While returning to the hostel in her bike,Anisha was full of smiles as she felt she has got someone special in her life. She was cherishing those moments she spend with Rahul.She liked Rahul’s way of speaking,his maturity,his style and most importantly how she felt when Rahul was around! Anisha prayed that even Rahul had those special feelings for her after the meeting!

Her next week was full of excitement as she kept waiting for the Saturday to arrive, when she could meet Rahul again.She has never had such feelings for a guy ever in her past 21 years and she was enjoying that.She smiled at herself,thinking how she had developed such feelings towards a guy to whom she has spoken only once. When Saturday eventually arrived,she went to the beach,quite early, thinking that she could spend more time with him. Rahul,although arrived only at the promised time and Anisha was just happy he came! Anisha openly admitted that Rahul was very smart today,as he really was, in his black shirt and light blue jean!The mutual admiration continued.Anisha was feeling that she has started to lose her heart slowly to this remarkably decent guy! Their meeting continued for a few weeks like this. These weeks of meeting Rahul at the beach has only made her romantic feelings get stronger towards him.

Anisha decided to tell her feelings to Rahul when they meet this Saturday.But she feared to do it,as she was not sure,if Rahul too had the same feelings.But she couldn’t resist all these feelings any more, alone! She very badly needed Rahul into her life..make him very much her own property! So she decided to give Rahul a card with a note inside,which would reveal how deeply she loved him.She was excited about the whole thing and was equally tensed too. Her instincts kept saying her that Rahul would not reject her proposal and that gave her some blind confidence to move forward with that idea!

The D’day arrived.Anisha arrived at the beach before the sun set! She was amazingly beautiful in her black salwars,which would make any head turn towards her! She was thrilled about meeting Rahul.It was almost an hour since she reached the beach,but Rahul hasn’t arrived yet.She was worried and tensed! She just had the company of those tides which replicated her heart beats now,rapidly going up and down every second!!! After a long wait,Rahul appeared before Anisha.”Sorry ya.Was busy the whole day.Somehow managed to make it here” and this voice eased the tension that was building in Anisha’s mind!!! “Rahul,happy to see you.I thought you will never come today” Anisha told. Rahul as usual excited seeing Anisha said,”Hey I have something to tell u today”… .”Is it?? Even I wanted to tell u something today!!!” revelaed Anisha and continued “So you first tell me what you wanted to tell” as she stood expecting him to tell her the same thing,which she too wanted to tell him!

“Well Anisha..My family has got the Green card and we are leaving India to get settled at the States! We will be leaving India tomorrow night.I’m really excited thinking about that.” These words tore Anisha’s heart as she never expected this from Rahul.He never told her about his idea of settling at the States before! Anisha,trying not to show off her disappointment replied ,”Wow..Thats great Rahul…I’m very happy for you!” and tried to smile! Anisha felt cheated now as she was sure Rahul had no feelings for her,as she had for him! Rahul saw the card in her hand and asked,”So what did you want to tell me? Whats’ the card Anisha?” She did not want to reveal her love to Rahul now,as she knew he won’t accept her and trying to hide the truth replied,”Ha..Rahul..My parents have fixed my marriage.It is as soon as I complete my degree.The card is the sample copy(proof) which I’m asked to check before it goes for printing” and hid the card from his sight! Rahul expressed the delight hearing the news,which even confirmed he never saw her as his soul mate.Anisha was crestfallen! Rahul said he was busy,getting his packing done before he leaves for US and left the place soon,promising to meet her when he comes to India next time!

As soon as Rahul left,Anisha tore the card and threw in the sea and broke down! She wasn’t able to think of the next Saturday when she will be all alone again! She was cursing her luck,for Rahul entered her life,when she never expected him to come,but left her when she expected him to stay! She never wanted to return back to the hostel.She found relief speaking to those waves which kept comforting her every now and then.She wanted to curse Rahul, but she wasn’t able to! When she thought of Rahul,what came into her mind was those beautiful moments she spend with him.Anisha was not able to hate Rahul for what he did now! She loved him even more for those unforgettable memories he gave to her,when she was in the toughest phase of her life! Who else could have brought that beautiful smile back to that charming face of Anisha ….


29th August 2009

It was yet another Saturday.Infact my last Saturday here in India.I was very excited about meeeting Anisha today.As I have to leave to US tomorrow,I was busy the whole day- shopping,meeting friends,packing stuffs. My schedule for the day was so cramped that I feared if I could meet Anisha in the evening. But somehow managed to reach the Elliot’s beach quite late in the evening! Guys,let me confess here how excited I was.I bought a bunch of red roses for her and locked it in the car.I knew this was the last chance for me to let Anisha know how much I loved and cared for her .I even dressed very romantically today ;-) I was slightly nervous,but I was sure Anisha would not note that when I start speaking casually with her! I saw Anisha sitting in her usual place,contemplating something very seriously.She was in that same black salwars,which I once said was perfect for her! I saw her holding a card with her,unusually.My heart said it must be a romantic letter written to me,but my mind warned me that girls like Anisha don’t dare to propose to guys and it must be something else! Seeing Anisha I begged pardon as I was late.She was excited to see me,as she showed no signs of being angry with me.I felt comfortable.I told her that I’m leaving to US tomorrow.She was very excited and I could sense that! I was also feeling happy seeing her,and thought that was the perfect time to tell her my love! But my happiness was stolen the next second,as she said her marriage was fixed and that she was having her marriage invitation in her hand! For once in my life,what my heart felt was wrong and what my mind thought was right! I did not like to see her marriage invitation,as she too did not like to show it or invite me.I never thought Anisha would still see me just as a stranger. I did not want to speak anything more with her,as I bid good bye pretty soon and left the place.Thousands of thoughts crept my mind as I walked from the shore to my car.How much did I love Anisha.. Din’t she know that I was the guy who completed her incompleteness??? How much times did I tell her that she came into my life,when I needed someone like her…How many clues did I give her to make her understand I loved her?? Are girls always like this?? By now, I reached my car.I saw those those beautiful red roses still fresh.I took it,thrashed them and threw in the trashbin! I drove home alone,but felt lonely for the first time in my life and was reminded by Anisha’s words..I’m also sick of this feeling now!!! is time to sleep…sleep one last time in the soil where I found my first love… Good night !!! Thanks for those beautiful memories Anisha!


…Those memorable 60 days!!!

This post has been selected by Blogadda as the best post in their "Spicy Saturday Picks" column..Thanks a lot!

One of my blog friend has made this story into a short film.You can check the video after reading the story @

This is just another fictional story.Characters and incidents used here are just fictitious and not intended to offend anyone! So let’s get started now!

It was a foggy Saturday morning and the sun was lazy to rise,so was I to get up from my bed.Somehow I got up,by 8:15, after my mom seriously threatened me that she will give my breakfast to Tinku! After brushing and having my breakfast,I sat in front of my computer.I was,of late,fascinated by these virtual friendships,as my friends keep speaking about the beauty of having such a friend! I wanted to give it a try and as it was a holiday,I logged into my Yahoo messenger chat rooms-The Holy land of perverts! I havn’t done much of online chatting before,as I had no time or no interest in this!But today I was..! My instincts kept on saying that I will end up with a good online friend today!

As soon as I entered the chat room, a message popped up on my screen which invited me to view the webcams of some pretty gals! My dirty mind started to work and I was amazed by the genorosity of these girls,who voluntarily invited me to see them strip off ! Gracious indeed :D..But before I could get real horny,I understood it was just a spam :D Smiling to myself,I waited to see if someone was interested to chat with me.At that moment of destiny,I got a message from presumably a girl,who wished me good morning and started a chat! Yeah,..I was right,she was a Chennai girl-Meera,an engineer,who like any other girl was mad about dogs!

Somehow,she added me as her friend before she went offline.We just chatted for 10 minutes,but it was so lively,atleast lively for me,for that was my first proper chat online. As I got one friend for the day,I too logged off pretty soon! The weekend flew so fast,that I even forgot I made a virtual friend.When I came to check my mails on Sunday night,she was there,reminding me of the friendship I made! As I had to sleep soon,that night,I told her that I will chat with her tomorrow,after I come back from work.She obliged! You would not believe me,I was excited when I was returning back from work,the next day.I was thinking if she would be there online,what should I speak with her?? It was an unusual thought,which sparked in my mind that day, as I never had a virtual friend before. When I logged in,to my surprise,she was there!

She said she was waiting for me so long.Now I had to believe that! I apologized for making her wait and then started to chat.It was about how the day went,bla bla.. She had so many topics to chat,as I never found the converstaion boring! In an over-enthusiasm,I shared my picture and I guess she liked those. She did not share her picture,though! The chat lasted for more than 3 hours,before which she realised it was so late ;-) I was getting sort-of-addicted to chatting with Meera,as we continued to chat almost every day and with every passing day,we became very close.I must confess Meera has gracefully walked into my life,now!One day,she even revealed she had a big liking towards my french beard! **wink** After lots of coaxing,she gave me her mobile number.I was happy,as I knew for sure,she trusted me!

It was almost a fortnight,since we became friends and now,I felt I must call her and I did. Words just fall short explaining the excitement,relief and the happiness that engulfed me when I dialled her number and waited for her to attend. When she attended the call I said,”This is Benny”.There was a stunned silence from the other end for some 10 seconds,before which a big laugh broke the silence as she quipped,”So this is Meera. Atlast you dared to call me. I havn’t spoken to any of my virtual friends till date”. Those words made me feel special.She,as usual started to speak on every topic-lifestyle,culture,career,romance etc..etc… Her voice sounded very girlish and I was afraid if I would be the first guy to fall in love with a girl,just hearing her voice! I have this dubious record to boast of,for the longest call I have ever made is for 5 minutes.If it exceeded that, the only words which comes from my mouth is “Hmm..Hmmm..then” Honestly I have always felt I needed someone to teach me how to speak over a phone and now, Meera was there to teach me and break all my records,as the time I spend over the phone increased like a geometric progression in Mathematics,so did my phone bill ;-) Suddenly our chats online,became rare,as we were over the phone most of the time!

I must acknowledge,I was changing! She made me read novels,for she loved it…For a pathetic reader like me,finishing two novels in a week is a big thing. She made me speak..speak something and she made me laugh at the her silly jokes,which never sounded like a joke to me,two weeks ago;-) She gave me the feel,that I was looking smart,praising my french beards and my looks, everytime we spoke.My mirror became my best friend,as I spend the whole night looking at my “smart” face and doing something to my french beard! I’m just happy these mirrors don’t have mouths! :P I smiled involuntarily when her name flashed on my mobile! And there was that irresistable excitement,when I took my mobile to call her! Yeah..I’m changing! My friends started to see that change and often commented that I’m infected by “that” virus,which is so dangerous than H1N1.. Hope you guys know “that” virus I’m referring to ;-)

It was tough to dream about a girl,whom you have never seen and have no idea how she looks! Meera made it very clear that she was not going to send me her picture,as she told me to wait for that day,when we will meet in reality! It was 28 days since we knew each other and now I was asked to go to Hyderabad for my new job’s training! Thankfully,the training was just for a week.I told Meera,the same and told her that I will contact her after a week,as I knew the training was going to be tough and I will have no time to speak with her! She accepted not to disturb me the whole week!

The one week at Hyderabad was so demanding,but that did not deter me from thinking about her.I called her on alternate days and spoke for few minutes.I felt,she was not well,as her voice revealed that and she was in no mood to speak with me properly! I hated that..She acted differently the whole week and this puzzled me.After I reached home,after my training,I called her as I usually do at night and she was in a pensive mood. I havn’t heard Meera speaking so seriously and I wanted to make her smile! I did it and when she was smiling,I asked her,”So when will I meet u?” “Don’t worry.You will meet me before I die” she said and smiled.”Oh..That will take years.I can’t wait that long”,I said in a raised tone.”Well I understand.So now tell me the Meera you have imagined?” she asked me politely.I started,”Well you are quite literally my dream girl.I have dreamt of a Meera, like an angel,claded in a white dress,with a cherub face,pink cheeks,cute smile,long hairs and ofcourse beautiful in my eyes”. “Ha! That’s too much Benny.But I’m sure you won’t be cheated when you see me” and laughed! She then started to speak about her dream guy,her dreams,aspirations!! I said,” Meera,you are really ambitious.I wish all your dreams come true”.She smiled and said,”Thanks.But Benny,do you think I’m lucky enough?” I quipped,”If you weren’t lucky enough,you wouldn’t have ended up with me”.She smiled and said as usual,”Ha..This is too much Benny” and getting emotional she opined she was having the best moments of her life with me and that I was the best guy,with whom she has ever acquainted with! It was already 1’o clock and I was feeling asleep! I told her I was going to bed.She said,”Do you really wanna sleep.I want to talk with you..keep on talking.I feel comfortable speaking with you”.But I insisted that I had to get up early tomorrow and I went to bed.

The next day,when I called her,she did not attend it or replied to my message.I was puzzled!!! It continued for a week..She never attended my call.I did not know what was wrong!I send offline messages in messenger,”I’m waiting here..When will u come online??”There was no reply in messenger too.I was getting irritated and confused,by the way Meera behaved!May be if felt that's the plight of virtual friendship,where I hardly knew something more than her mobile number to track her!And today was 50 days since I knew Meera. I wanted to wish her and called her,with the expectation she will attend atleast today.Finally my call was attended,but to my surprise there was a male voice.”Hello.Can I speak to Meera” I asked. ”I’m Meera’s dad speaking. Meera is admitted at the cancer institute.” he revealed.”What??” I asked shockingly.”Ya.She is suffering from leukemia and we diagonised it only the last week”. I was speechless,petrified.I had my uncle who was an oncologist working at the same institute. I called him and asked if he knew about any patient named Meera.Surprisingly,he said,she was his patient and revealed that Meera was counting her days,as her cancer,which was in the final stages was diagonised only the last week.All my dreams were shattered as I did not know what to do.

I reached the cancer institute within an hour.I took the novel,”Walk to Remember”, which she urged me to read umpteen times and the novel which I wanted to present Meera,when I first meet her.I checked the ward she was in and went there.She was lying in her bed,completely claded in white costume.But this was not the angel,I dreamt to see during my first meeting! I entered the room,with my eyes filled with tears and I stood infront of her.She gazed at me and I said looking into her curious eyes,”I’m Benny”.There was a pin drop silence,as she looked at me with a sense of thankfulness and gratitude and tears started flowing from her eyes,as she trembled in her words,”Benny,I knew I will meet you before I die.Din’t I tell u that??”. I had no words to speak,tears filled my eyes.”Benny,do I look beautiful now.Have I cheated you??”she asked looking straight into my eyes.I knelt before the bed,she was lying and kissed her palm and broke down.She said,”Benny your french beard looks great for you,as I expected” and tried to smile! I did not speak a word! I gave her the novel which I brought to give her! Strangely the climax of the novel was enacted infront of my eyes!

I was not able to see
Meera like that,as I bid good bye to her and jumped out of the room.Her dad was waiting outside and I hugged him as I found solace in his heavy shoulders,so did he! “Meera has spoken lots of things about you.She did not want you to know about this.But as the doctors have lost hope,I thought I should tell you and I attended your call today. We never took her problems seriously and we were late to diagonize this” I did not know what to tell.I just said,”Let’s hope for the best.Miracles do happen.Trust in God” and left the place.

I never went to the hospital again.I used to hear about Meera’s health from my uncle.He never said something positively.I knew Meera would have wanted me to be with her,but my heart was not build of stone to see her suffer infront of my eyes.After exactly a week,after I met her,I heard the news,which I never wanted to hear in my life.Her father informed me about her funeral,but I never went for that,as my angel and dream girl lived in my heart forever! The last phone call,we did,kept flashing in my heart,where she urged me to keep on speaking with her the whole night.I understood the meaning of every word she uttered,in what was our final phone call:-( Her words ,”This is too much Benny”, kept echoing as I wept and muttered,”This is too much Meera.You left me”… But I still keep sending offline messages to my only “virtual” friend,”I’m waiting here..When will u come online,Meera ??”

It’s hard to let go off someone who had touched your life;

But it hurts more to let go off someone who was never yours,yet changed your life the most”

Must watch for the guys who were in love and who are in love!!!

Caution: The film is a sincere effort to please audiences who appreciate good cinema which is genuine and realistic in its own ways! And if are a person ,who enjoy only slapstick comedies or a voyeur,whose jaws open involuntarily seeing cleavages or a guy who wants a fast track or an action sequence in the film,then better avoid this Cheran’s beautiful venture,as this film has nothing commercial in it and you may be cheated.

Well now,when I say Pokisham[treasure in english] is a real treasure for tamil cinema,I mean it! Cheran,in his usual self brings the fresh air,which the tamil audiences badly needed,with a genuine and an honest movie! As always you see in a Cheran’s film,Pokisham is also an amalgam of romance,sentiments,unexpected twists and ofcourse perfect casting,who makes the film sound very realistic! The film starts with Lenin’s(Cheran) son checking his bereaved father’s diary and his collection of umpteen love letters,as the time descends back to 1970’s. Lenin is a marine engineer based at Calcutta. He visits Madras to help his father,who has undergone a surgery.There at the hospital,he meets Nadhira(Padmapriya),a Muslim and a BA student studying at Nagore.Their wavelength matches and they are friends soon.When Lenin departs to Calcutta to rejoin his work,he suddenly misses her very badly and develops that special feeling for Nadhira.They exchange their interests and feelings through letters. The beauty of yesteryear romance,where communication was only through letters, is superbly depicted by the lead pair~the enthusiasm with which they write those letters,the long wait to receive the response and the pain if the letter is delayed is genuinely portrayed! Eventually their friendship morphes into love! The climax,with interesting twists and turns,reveals if they both finally get married or not.

Cheran as Lenin,has done a commendable job.His reputation as a “Yedhardha Nayagan”(Natural actor) keeps increasing with every movie.His looks perfectly fit a 1970’s gentleman.The scenes where he keeps pesturing the postman to check if he has any letters, brings the roofs down! His acting in the climax,where he goes on the search to find Nadhira,showcases him as a perfect “Yedhardha Nayagan”. Padmapriya-Oh My Gal!!! She has done wonders to the film.The smile and looks perfectly fit Padmapriya as Nadhira, a muslim girl.What a casting that was,Mr.Cheran??? Good job!!! Guys,trust me,Watch the movie for Padmapriya alone,if you want!

The cameraman needs applause,so does the art director-Vairabalan.They have worked hand in hand to give that 1970’s looks to the movie.Starting from the houses..the vehicles used, their dressing sense,currencies,envelopes,stamps gives us the perfect period looks for the film!!! The choice of location-Calcutta and Nagore and using sea as the backdrop with storm,breeze as the catalyst,the cameraman has succeded in his experiments big time! The biggest let down of the movie must be the music by Sabesh-Murali.Cheran uses songs as the element to drive his story forward,but it has fell flat,sadly! I doubt if the music directors struck a deal with the canteen stall owners ;-)

The first half is a tad slower, and keeps testing the audience’s patience,but the unadulterated romance keeps it going.The second half keeps on dragging unnecessarily and some trimming is needed.The dialogues are too verbose and philosophical,which I don’t think will go well with the urban class of audience! But every dialogue is meaningful,if keenly observed! No double entendre or a separate comedy track ! The movie is clean,beautiful and an expression of genuine romantic feeling.Special credits to Cheran for not using any commercial "masala" elements in his film and trusting only his story and his characters!As always,Cheran urges every one to get into his shoes to feel the value of his character and I’m sure atleast one scene will relate with you!

I reiterate Pokisham is a real treasure for tamil cinema,but I never said it is a paisa vasool! It deserves to do brisk business,but I doubt if today’s audience are patient enough to see this Pokisham unearthed! I mean,in today's world of instant communication,when a guy,even SMS his proposal to a girl, the viewers may be baffled and bored with the lead pair's love letter writing and the trouble they undertook.Had,Cheran made it more pacy and racy, Pokkisham would have been more touchy.Although,this film comes as a real test to the maturity of urban audience in their ability to accept meaningful films! I don’t see Cheran changing his style of directing,it has to be the audience who must mature themself to cherish such wonderful movies with genuine acting,pleasant screenplay,mind-blowing camerawork and encourage them in the making of many more Pokishams in the years to come!

Well done Mr.Cheran!!! Hats off !! U r our Pokisham indeed !

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….Really unrealistic!!!

This story has not happened in my life, has not happened in anyone’s life,will never happen in anyone’s life also.But I’m sure at the end of the story everyone will wish why not this happen in our life ;-) So Let’s get started! And yeah.. if u possess a very brilliant,realistic or a skeptical mind please keep it aside for sometime and then start reading!

When was the last time you saw a girl and wondered, “Hey I have seen her somewhere..who is she?” and crushed your brain cells. It happened to me the last week when I was waiting to board the train at Bangalore station on my journey back to Chennai.It was 10:35PM and the awesome chill weather of Bangalore was having its say on her dressing.She was wearing a white sweater with a striking black jean and was shivering,waiting for the train.Holding her ipod on one hand,shuffling the songs,her ears were plugged with the headsets.She was holding a woman’s magazine in the other hand,though she never bothered to even open that,till then! She occasionally kissed her fist and that mannerism again reminded me of someone.I gave it a hard thought,but I wasn’t able to recognize her.She had all the features that kept me warm in that cold night ;-) I checked my watch and I was assured there was 20 minutes left for the train to arrive and I continued to ogle.At one moment she caught my eyes and I felt damn embarrased and I took an about turn,as if I was searching for someone else ! I moved away from the place for a few minutes just to avoid her.By the time I finished a cup of tea,I saw my train enter the platform.

When I returned to the place I saw her,to my surprise,she wasn’t there.My eyes kept searching for her,as I entered the coach and got settled in the seat reserved for me. I was not able to find her and I was convinced yet another cloud has passed! But suddenly through the window,I saw her..saw her in the waiting room being laid and a few people crowded around her.Shocked,I got out of the train and went near the room,where she was nursed.By the time I went there,she had recovered.She got up and was gazing at everyone.Somewhere inside the heart I felt relieved!!! I got back to my seat and the train was about to start.To my nightmare she came and sat in the seat opposite to me! Oh My God! I felt very guilty and crashed into the upper berth and tried to sleep. I pondered,atleast I must have asked how she was feeling now,out of courtesy! :-( But I wasn’t able to! I tried to sleep but only her face kept running through my mind ! I looked down at her through my half-dozed eyes.She was still sitting,contemplating ! May be about what happened to her in the station! It was half past 12 and I was fast asleep by then!

I slept so badly that I did not even realise that the train had reached Chennai Central.I was woken up by someone and then did I realise I had to get down! Very fast I did my silent prayer,took my baggage and got down the train.Chennai was as usual bright and it was 2 months since I came home and I was excited to be here again! As soon as I got down,there was a surprise.She was standing there,smiling at me!Only now I recognised the face which woke me up in the train.I went near her and said “Thanks”. “It’s ok.You must have been tired” she replied as her voice again sounded like someone’s whom I know very well.Without thinking much I asked,”So how are you feeling now?What happened yesterday?” .She continued to walk along with me,keeping her smile intact and replied “I fainted seeing you”.Knowing that she was kidding I sardonically said “My friends say I have killer looks,but this is too much!” She started to laugh that drew the attention of a couple of children sitting there.They winked at me and I reciprocated! I partially understood why the wink was from those cute children. Yeah..The girl walking with me was so graceful and smart that even those children understood she is too much for me! ;-) But poor children! They din’t know she was just my co-passenger and still a stranger! now,she finished laughing and said,”No.I’m serious Rahul” . ”Rahul??”…”Who is that?” I interrogated. “You” she said as we kept walking to catch our connecting train to reach our destination! “No yaar. I’m Benny” I clarified.She shook her head in disapproval and quizzed me,”Do you believe in rebirths?” The next moment,without much thought I said “…I don’t ” She looked straight into my eyes and said “I too did not believe in rebirths before I saw your face yesterday night”. She sounded serious now and a sense of shock crept within me as I feared if I,really,was the reason for her fainting yesterday night.I trembled and asked ,”What did you see in my face”?

We did not speak for few minutes as we got the connecting train to reach our respective places.It was early morning in Chennai and the train was unusually calm and sparsely crowded.We sat facing each other near the window! I suddenly noticed a mole beneath her no above her lips ;-) It has always been a turn-on factor for me when I see a girl! As I was admiring her,she started revealing, “Hey...I saw my boyfriend’s face in you..the same face and the same guy whom I loved in my previous birth!” I was shocked but din’t want to show it as I replied,” So are you ok??? You sound senseless now”? She acknowledged,”Ya.I know.But u must believe this” as she showed a scar in her left hand.Getting excited seeing that I quipped,”Same pinch..even I have one” and showed my scar in the left hand.She quizzed, ”Shut up You!..Do you know the history behind this?” “….Hmmm.I always ask my mother about this.But she says it is there from my birth and she can’t help it!” I mumbled.

She cleared her throat and started ”Oh..How come she know our past?”. I was excited as she sounded as if she really knew my past and said ”Past…So do u know mine?” She nodded and said “Your past was with me.How come I don’t know that?” and continued “ I seriously remember a few moments I spend with you in my last birth.You were my close friend during my college time.We spend most of our times together at college,walking with hands locked,helping me out at everything,fighting with me..even for the silliest thing…Hmmm we showcased to the world what true friendship is.I just get a blurred vision of what happened next.It is like… you proposed to me one day and I started crying and after so many days I accepted you as my boyfriend. And I’m not sure what happened inbetween.Just remember we engraved our names in our hands,which are these scars in this birth and we ended our life”..”Now do u remember anything?” she politely asked.”Hmm..Yeah I can remember!This is the same story of the latest tamil flick I watched” I joked trying to bring down the over running emotion from her side!

She hit my head and said,” me Rahul”… I got serious hearing Rahul ”Please call me Benny.I don’t know Rahul or the stories you are telling.Hey how come you,alone, remember all the things that happened in your previous birth” I asked in a irritated voice…She seeing me serious,quipped,”I have read in one of Plato’s work that after our death in our previous birth,our soul passes through a hot desert and then it drinks water from the lake nearby.By drinking that water,we forget what happened in our previous birth.May be I cheated the Gods’ and din’t drink that water”.” You cheat!” I teased her.Laughing for that she started,”Hey the moment I saw you in the station yesterday I fainted as my memories took me to my previous birth.I saw a life with you in those few moments! That is what I told you now.After I woke up,I searched for you in the station,but you were’nt there.I was more shocked than you when I saw you in my coach! When you climbed to the upper berth I saw the scar in your hand which confirmed you are my Rahul”!

She was almost in tears by this time and it was time I start trusting her memories as even I had the same thought when I saw her,when I heard her if I had a relation with her! She kissed her fist involuntarily(you see it is her mannerism that attracts her to me) and was contemplating.After being numb for sometime she asked,”Did you notice the mole beneath my nose?” “ Do u feel something seeing me kiss my fist?” These words jolted me and all of a sudden I started fearing the worst.I asked,”Are you a mind reader?” She was delirious,”So these things still excites you?..Haa??” I trembled again in my words,” what do you mean by ‘still excites me’?” In a pure girlish tone,she replied “ Rahul…these excites you in your previous birth too..” My inner voice said “Ayoo Benny you have not yet changed man!” and I blushed!!!

It was hard to actually believe in rebirths and at the same time it was hard not to believe after all this! She was silent for some time,which gave me time to think what was happening all this while? I was puzzled at her making so many attempts to make me realise that I was her boyfriend the last birth.What was she going to achieve in this birth through that? I just felt I must understand her feelings and give her some time to get back to reality. If she is very clear in her thoughts,well then I have a beautiful girlfriend waiting,or else it is just another passing cloud! A typical boyish decision!!

“So where must you get down?” she enquired atlast.I revealed that we passed the station,where I had to get down and that I’m coming along with her to drop her at her house.”So you thought I have gone mad na” she bantered!!! Her smile has always been her forte and I have already started to fall in love with her. So it is time to start flirting as I replied “No..I’m just wondering how I ended up with you in this birth also” “Oieee..” she said in an excited tone and started laughing! Atlast I asked “Hey you..whats your name?” She continued to smile and winked as she quipped,”So now…you want my previous birth name or this births? “ ;-) We smiled and the smiles lasted for eternity as in her words the life,which we ended abruptly in our previous birth continued here on earth!


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