Atlast… After 6 months,I have somehow managed to write my 25th post! The journey has been an amazing,though short..Lots of lessons learned,lots of good friends,few critics… I look up with pride the way I used my limited writing skills and came up with some really decent posts. Initially I was very apprehensive of starting a blog for myself,as I feared if I could manage one and if I could write quality posts.But I backed my writing skills and started one! My first post One night @ the call center gave me the confidence to continue writing! Though the response was lukewarm,I still consider it close to my heart,as it brought out the writer in me! Then followed a couple of posts which were so emotional and gave the readers a test for their lachrymal glands!

There was a lull period in my blog,before which the post -“A walk to Remember” gave me a break which I very badly needed as a blogger. Blogadda and Indiblogger helped my cause recognizing that post and bringing Benny-the blogger, from obscurity to being known. Even today when I meet my friends or chat with my blog friends they relate me with Meera,which is really heartening. I really enjoyed writing all my fictional stories and other posts,but “Dream within a dreamwas totally fictional and surreal and gave that extra feel of satisfaction and enjoyment when I finished writing. The biggest thing that could have happened to me in my blogging life is my nomination by Indiblogger for the best blogger award in Literature-Short story Section. It gave me a chance to reach out to new blogs,which were hitherto unknown to me and new visitors came to visit my blog also!

Everyone starts a blog with a theme or an idea in mind.I was no exception.I was very particular,I must not make my blog into a personal one writing about my life or my friends. Except for my Tinku and MY Dhoni (*wink*) I don’t think I have revealed too much of my personal things anywhere in my blog. But yeah.. as every fictional writer would confess,there is always a tinge of real life scenario in their writings!

Ha..A big thanks to my blog friends,who have always been supportive and kind to me and my writings! Without u and ur support I don’t think I would have come so long in this blogsphere. I have this regret when I write my 25th post. Not many of real life close pals have visited my blog yet.”What will he write?Why should I read that? ” thought still restrains them from seeking refugee in my world! But at the same time,my blog friends have encouraged me and kept me going saying,”You can write…Keep writing”! I was also a recipient of few awards from my most generous blog friends..It feels good getting these awards from you! Thanks !!!

Thanks Rahul for both the awards!!

Thanks Neha and Shruthi for the Humane award!

Winding my 25th post on a personal note,I’m leaving to Hyderabad for my job’s training tomorrow.So I’m not very sure when I could publish my next post...But I promise to write some short stories when I find time and keep my blog active! Also promise to keep in touch with all my blog friends and check out ur posts regularly...Be good and do good guys...Bye !!! Miss u all :-(

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21 Responses
  1. Neha Says:

    hey congrats benny for your 25th post and awards...just keep writing the way u do and many more awards will

  2. Sat_hi_sh Says:

    Congrats on ur awards :)
    Hope u get more awards :)

    keep blogging

  3. HaRy!! Says:

    Congrats bro...keep it coming...God bless yu..and wish yu luc for the training:)! cya around


  4. congrats fr the 25th post and the awards...keep penning!


  5. Benny Says:

    @ all.. thanq guys!! So nice to hav known u in the journey...Wil surely keep blogging! DO keep in touch..bye!

  6. Sai Prakash Says:

    Please continue could be the source of inspiration to many others. A special thanks to you as u have inspired me!

  7. Shruti Says:

    Hey benny!
    ATB dude! Wish you a great success!!

  8. Vinz Says:

    Thats lots of encouragement for you over there.. congrats..!!

    was bloghopping...


  9. Karthik Says:

    Yo man! Way to go!
    Keep writing! And by the way, your style of writing is damn good :-)

  10. Benny Says:

    @ Sai.. Really nice to knw that..N sure I wil try to continue writing da:) see u soon der!!!

  11. Benny Says:

    @ shruthi... Thx a lot!!! Wil keep following u r 55F..Keep writing more n more of such powerful short stories..tata :)

  12. Benny Says:

    @ Vinz n Karthik..thx a lot guys!! feels gud!!

  13. Shankar Says:

    congrats on ur 25th post... keep rocking buddy..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    best of luck for training Benny.....
    u will rock there as well!!

  15. gkam Says:


    Congrats on the awards

    I really dig ur template! :)

  16. sm Says:

    congrats for your 25th post

  17. gowri Says:

    Hey congrats for ur awards benny!!
    keep rocking!!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    congrats on your awards.

    And it is true that in time, our blogs shoot off on a diff tangent!

    But don't ever, ever hold back on anything you wanna put out there for the world to see :)

    Keep Going!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hey congrats on the awards and for your 25 th post da ...way to go :)

  20. Bored mind Says:

    u wer a recent visitor of my blog
    but long tym no see....
    cum visit my blog nd COMMENT is a must...

  21. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.


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