…Those memorable 60 days!!!

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This is just another fictional story.Characters and incidents used here are just fictitious and not intended to offend anyone! So let’s get started now!

It was a foggy Saturday morning and the sun was lazy to rise,so was I to get up from my bed.Somehow I got up,by 8:15, after my mom seriously threatened me that she will give my breakfast to Tinku! After brushing and having my breakfast,I sat in front of my computer.I was,of late,fascinated by these virtual friendships,as my friends keep speaking about the beauty of having such a friend! I wanted to give it a try and as it was a holiday,I logged into my Yahoo messenger chat rooms-The Holy land of perverts! I havn’t done much of online chatting before,as I had no time or no interest in this!But today I was..! My instincts kept on saying that I will end up with a good online friend today!

As soon as I entered the chat room, a message popped up on my screen which invited me to view the webcams of some pretty gals! My dirty mind started to work and I was amazed by the genorosity of these girls,who voluntarily invited me to see them strip off ! Gracious indeed :D..But before I could get real horny,I understood it was just a spam :D Smiling to myself,I waited to see if someone was interested to chat with me.At that moment of destiny,I got a message from presumably a girl,who wished me good morning and started a chat! Yeah,..I was right,she was a Chennai girl-Meera,an engineer,who like any other girl was mad about dogs!

Somehow,she added me as her friend before she went offline.We just chatted for 10 minutes,but it was so lively,atleast lively for me,for that was my first proper chat online. As I got one friend for the day,I too logged off pretty soon! The weekend flew so fast,that I even forgot I made a virtual friend.When I came to check my mails on Sunday night,she was there,reminding me of the friendship I made! As I had to sleep soon,that night,I told her that I will chat with her tomorrow,after I come back from work.She obliged! You would not believe me,I was excited when I was returning back from work,the next day.I was thinking if she would be there online,what should I speak with her?? It was an unusual thought,which sparked in my mind that day, as I never had a virtual friend before. When I logged in,to my surprise,she was there!

She said she was waiting for me so long.Now I had to believe that! I apologized for making her wait and then started to chat.It was about how the day went,bla bla.. She had so many topics to chat,as I never found the converstaion boring! In an over-enthusiasm,I shared my picture and I guess she liked those. She did not share her picture,though! The chat lasted for more than 3 hours,before which she realised it was so late ;-) I was getting sort-of-addicted to chatting with Meera,as we continued to chat almost every day and with every passing day,we became very close.I must confess Meera has gracefully walked into my life,now!One day,she even revealed she had a big liking towards my french beard! **wink** After lots of coaxing,she gave me her mobile number.I was happy,as I knew for sure,she trusted me!

It was almost a fortnight,since we became friends and now,I felt I must call her and I did. Words just fall short explaining the excitement,relief and the happiness that engulfed me when I dialled her number and waited for her to attend. When she attended the call I said,”This is Benny”.There was a stunned silence from the other end for some 10 seconds,before which a big laugh broke the silence as she quipped,”So this is Meera. Atlast you dared to call me. I havn’t spoken to any of my virtual friends till date”. Those words made me feel special.She,as usual started to speak on every topic-lifestyle,culture,career,romance etc..etc… Her voice sounded very girlish and I was afraid if I would be the first guy to fall in love with a girl,just hearing her voice! I have this dubious record to boast of,for the longest call I have ever made is for 5 minutes.If it exceeded that, the only words which comes from my mouth is “Hmm..Hmmm..then” Honestly I have always felt I needed someone to teach me how to speak over a phone and now, Meera was there to teach me and break all my records,as the time I spend over the phone increased like a geometric progression in Mathematics,so did my phone bill ;-) Suddenly our chats online,became rare,as we were over the phone most of the time!

I must acknowledge,I was changing! She made me read novels,for she loved it…For a pathetic reader like me,finishing two novels in a week is a big thing. She made me speak..speak something and she made me laugh at the her silly jokes,which never sounded like a joke to me,two weeks ago;-) She gave me the feel,that I was looking smart,praising my french beards and my looks, everytime we spoke.My mirror became my best friend,as I spend the whole night looking at my “smart” face and doing something to my french beard! I’m just happy these mirrors don’t have mouths! :P I smiled involuntarily when her name flashed on my mobile! And there was that irresistable excitement,when I took my mobile to call her! Yeah..I’m changing! My friends started to see that change and often commented that I’m infected by “that” virus,which is so dangerous than H1N1.. Hope you guys know “that” virus I’m referring to ;-)

It was tough to dream about a girl,whom you have never seen and have no idea how she looks! Meera made it very clear that she was not going to send me her picture,as she told me to wait for that day,when we will meet in reality! It was 28 days since we knew each other and now I was asked to go to Hyderabad for my new job’s training! Thankfully,the training was just for a week.I told Meera,the same and told her that I will contact her after a week,as I knew the training was going to be tough and I will have no time to speak with her! She accepted not to disturb me the whole week!

The one week at Hyderabad was so demanding,but that did not deter me from thinking about her.I called her on alternate days and spoke for few minutes.I felt,she was not well,as her voice revealed that and she was in no mood to speak with me properly! I hated that..She acted differently the whole week and this puzzled me.After I reached home,after my training,I called her as I usually do at night and she was in a pensive mood. I havn’t heard Meera speaking so seriously and I wanted to make her smile! I did it and when she was smiling,I asked her,”So when will I meet u?” “Don’t worry.You will meet me before I die” she said and smiled.”Oh..That will take years.I can’t wait that long”,I said in a raised tone.”Well I understand.So now tell me the Meera you have imagined?” she asked me politely.I started,”Well you are quite literally my dream girl.I have dreamt of a Meera, like an angel,claded in a white dress,with a cherub face,pink cheeks,cute smile,long hairs and ofcourse beautiful in my eyes”. “Ha! That’s too much Benny.But I’m sure you won’t be cheated when you see me” and laughed! She then started to speak about her dream guy,her dreams,aspirations!! I said,” Meera,you are really ambitious.I wish all your dreams come true”.She smiled and said,”Thanks.But Benny,do you think I’m lucky enough?” I quipped,”If you weren’t lucky enough,you wouldn’t have ended up with me”.She smiled and said as usual,”Ha..This is too much Benny” and getting emotional she opined she was having the best moments of her life with me and that I was the best guy,with whom she has ever acquainted with! It was already 1’o clock and I was feeling asleep! I told her I was going to bed.She said,”Do you really wanna sleep.I want to talk with you..keep on talking.I feel comfortable speaking with you”.But I insisted that I had to get up early tomorrow and I went to bed.

The next day,when I called her,she did not attend it or replied to my message.I was puzzled!!! It continued for a week..She never attended my call.I did not know what was wrong!I send offline messages in messenger,”I’m waiting here..When will u come online??”There was no reply in messenger too.I was getting irritated and confused,by the way Meera behaved!May be if felt that's the plight of virtual friendship,where I hardly knew something more than her mobile number to track her!And today was 50 days since I knew Meera. I wanted to wish her and called her,with the expectation she will attend atleast today.Finally my call was attended,but to my surprise there was a male voice.”Hello.Can I speak to Meera” I asked. ”I’m Meera’s dad speaking. Meera is admitted at the cancer institute.” he revealed.”What??” I asked shockingly.”Ya.She is suffering from leukemia and we diagonised it only the last week”. I was speechless,petrified.I had my uncle who was an oncologist working at the same institute. I called him and asked if he knew about any patient named Meera.Surprisingly,he said,she was his patient and revealed that Meera was counting her days,as her cancer,which was in the final stages was diagonised only the last week.All my dreams were shattered as I did not know what to do.

I reached the cancer institute within an hour.I took the novel,”Walk to Remember”, which she urged me to read umpteen times and the novel which I wanted to present Meera,when I first meet her.I checked the ward she was in and went there.She was lying in her bed,completely claded in white costume.But this was not the angel,I dreamt to see during my first meeting! I entered the room,with my eyes filled with tears and I stood infront of her.She gazed at me and I said looking into her curious eyes,”I’m Benny”.There was a pin drop silence,as she looked at me with a sense of thankfulness and gratitude and tears started flowing from her eyes,as she trembled in her words,”Benny,I knew I will meet you before I die.Din’t I tell u that??”. I had no words to speak,tears filled my eyes.”Benny,do I look beautiful now.Have I cheated you??”she asked looking straight into my eyes.I knelt before the bed,she was lying and kissed her palm and broke down.She said,”Benny your french beard looks great for you,as I expected” and tried to smile! I did not speak a word! I gave her the novel which I brought to give her! Strangely the climax of the novel was enacted infront of my eyes!

I was not able to see
Meera like that,as I bid good bye to her and jumped out of the room.Her dad was waiting outside and I hugged him as I found solace in his heavy shoulders,so did he! “Meera has spoken lots of things about you.She did not want you to know about this.But as the doctors have lost hope,I thought I should tell you and I attended your call today. We never took her problems seriously and we were late to diagonize this” I did not know what to tell.I just said,”Let’s hope for the best.Miracles do happen.Trust in God” and left the place.

I never went to the hospital again.I used to hear about Meera’s health from my uncle.He never said something positively.I knew Meera would have wanted me to be with her,but my heart was not build of stone to see her suffer infront of my eyes.After exactly a week,after I met her,I heard the news,which I never wanted to hear in my life.Her father informed me about her funeral,but I never went for that,as my angel and dream girl lived in my heart forever! The last phone call,we did,kept flashing in my heart,where she urged me to keep on speaking with her the whole night.I understood the meaning of every word she uttered,in what was our final phone call:-( Her words ,”This is too much Benny”, kept echoing as I wept and muttered,”This is too much Meera.You left me”… But I still keep sending offline messages to my only “virtual” friend,”I’m waiting here..When will u come online,Meera ??”

It’s hard to let go off someone who had touched your life;

But it hurts more to let go off someone who was never yours,yet changed your life the most”

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70 Responses
  1. pradeep Says:

    Benny, de story was quiet interesting..In deed u made it very real @ times... While reading ur story, i could smell de blend of two big movies, obviously- 'A walk 2 remember' and another one 'Sweet November'. A nice work really... Hope u'll meet de real Meera once in ur life time an de days r not so far... Al de best Benny....

  2. Benny Says:

    @ Pradeep,thx da.. N ya I knw there was a touch of "A Walk to remember" at d end,but no idea abt d other movie! Wil watch it soon! N thx 4 u r wishes:)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was taken aback..You have made it feel it was a real one! I find no words to comment on this :) Lovely :)Great story benny,projected it so well! Awesome story telling.Cheers:)

  4. anand Says:

    Hi Benny,
    I watched a movie named OY! in Telugu.Your content are similar to the movie according to my knowledge.To be frank i was shocked at the end of your story.I was thinking about the funny ending r else happy endings but it seems to be strange.

    I liked these lines which you stated at the last of the content.

    "This is too much Benny”, kept echoing as I wept and muttered,”This is too much Meera.You left me”… But I still keep sending offline messages to my only “virtual” friend,”I’m waiting here..When will u come online,Meera ??”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    These moments which you have depicted here..were so impressive!! She was lying in her bed,completely claded in white costume.But this was not the angel,I dreamt to see during my first meeting! I entered the room,with my eyes filled with tears and I stood infront of her.She gazed at me and I said looking into her curious eyes,”I’m Benny”.There was a pin drop silence,as she looked at me with a sense of thankfulness and gratitude and tears started flowing from her eyes,as she trembled in her words,”Benny,I knew I will meet you before I die.Din’t I tell u that??”. I had no words to speak,tears filled my eyes.”Benny,do I look beautiful now.Have I cheated you??”

    "This is too much Benny”, kept echoing as I wept and muttered,”This is too much Meera.You left me”… But I still keep sending offline messages to my only “virtual” friend,”I’m waiting here..When will u come online,Meera ??”

  6. Neha Says:

    your best work so far benny...what inspired you to come up with it..very touching..n very nicely presented..loved it..

  7. Benny Says:

    @ Ramya..Thanks! It was definitely not a real one,though it may sound so! I hav deicded not to write something personal\real here..And Ya..I know those conversations were so touching and while writing I felt so much thinking about the guy's situation,had this happened in reality! :( Nice to knw people liked it!

  8. Benny Says:

    @ Anand..I havn't seen OY yet..So u can forgive me,if u have felt I have replicated the movie here.It s jus my creative story,which had no inspiration too..Nw,I'm seriously thrilled to watch OY!The search for the DVD begins :D

  9. Benny Says:

    @ Neha...Do u seriously feel this is my best work?? Thanks! I'm on cloud nine seeing u r comment :)I was really scared before posting this,as I felt this was too lengthy and equally emotional.I thought people will ignore it! But I believed in wat I wrote and posted it here. Nice to see people have accepted this! feels good..thx Neha! will keep writing:)

  10. Neha Says:

    yes benny, I meant each word I said..:)

  11. Anand Says:

    Isn't story telling all about "Attention to details" ??

    Yes. I would say!

  12. gowri Says:

    1 f ur greatest plus is, u make ur readers 2 get emotionally attach to ur story,though i know its a fictional story d end s so touching! really touching!!

  13. Benny Says:

    @ nice..thx :)

    @Anand,ya as u say attention to details s very important and my posts r full of details :P u better pay attention.. hehe!!!

  14. Benny Says:

    @ Gowri..thx ya...N nice to hear,my posts attracts u! keep visiting my blog..:)

  15. Z Says:

    machi kalakura da...aetho erku da unakulla..eppadida eppadilam mudyuthu! reli nice da...
    machi next oru happy ending story eluthu da... :)

  16. Benny Says:

    @ Z.. Ya sure..Initially,even I thought of a happy ending,but then I got bored seeing n writing abt happy jus some change ku I did this! N sure frm nxt time,happy endings :D

  17. It was touching...
    Just like my fav movie... A walk to remember...

  18. Benny Says:

    @ Deepika..ya its my favourite movie too..! :)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhh!!! You're lucky that you had to just imagine it and write it down. You'll understand what it feels like when you go through something similar. I have. I read and cried. Thanks so much for bringing back my memories dude. I wish that such a thing never happen with you. Enjoy life.

  20. Vetri Says:

    Superb machi!!
    Keep it up!

  21. Benny Says:

    @Princeofprose..Dude..When I completed writing this N showed to my frds for suggestions,one of my frnd asked me,"Do u think this wil happen in reality?" I jus said,"Why not 1 in 100..?" So u r that one guy! N I knw hw it feels man! xtremely sorry that it made u feel so much.. :(

  22. Benny Says:

    @Vetri..thx machi :)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    my dear benny
    to be plainy plainy(4 da effect u know)
    good is a word too bad to etch about the post

    keep going...

  24. Benny Says:

    @ RS..thanks:) keep visiting!

  25. HaRy!! Says:

    Benny..story chance e ila!! yu really have some vivid soft creativity! Hmm i always feel sick of Cancer as i lost my grandma recently... i have admit felt so emotional for that!...Like Pradeep said...i thought of my fav Movie Sweet november when i read yur post...quite a resemblance...but awesome in yur own way...nejama kalakitingoooo!

    H a R y

  26. Ashwathy Says:

    i choked over trying to finish reading this... the climax is cliched in parts... yet the whole thing is touchingly written. good effort!

    “It’s hard to let go off someone who had touched your life;
    But it hurts more to let go off someone who was never yours,yet changed your life the most”

    omg.. cant think of more heart-rending words. i presume... with experience urself in real life??

  27. Benny Says:

    @ Hary..thx na.. :)I havn't watched "sweet november" yet! hav to watch it soon N I hav to see d resemblance of d movie with this story,as many say d same! Anyways thx 4 readin na..keep visiting:)

  28. Benny Says:

    @ Ashwathy...My post was primarily abt virtual frdshp and the pain,the protagonist feels when he meets his virtual frnd for d first time..Except for the cancer thing(as in "A walk to remember"),nothing can be termed cliched!I knew ppl will do this unfair comparison and while writing itself,I thought of changing the climax,but then I found nothing better than this emotional end!

    N I'm sure everyone will have that "someone" who was never yours,yet changed your life the most” ..I'm no exception ;)

  29. Very nice narration there. Brilliant last few lines.

  30. hey it had me in tears...i am gng out with one of my virtual friends...we met on the msnger...we r now 2yrs in the relation and ur anxiousness about the first phone call is so...true...good work

  31. Benny Says:

    @ Above..thx ya..It feels good..Keep visiting ya :)

  32. Shankar Says:

    hey...thanks for commenting on my blog.. I am very sry benny as I have already voted to another friend of mine.. and all the best for you..hope you win the indiblogger of month..I am glad that you liked my blog..keep visiting..I am from Chennai only..very nice to see that you are also from chennai....

  33. Benny Says:

    @ Shankar...Its ok worries:) Best wishes to u r frnd too!! I will surely keep visiting u r blog! U too do the same:) Cheers mate!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog . I liked your work and will find time to read the other posts also. we can add each other on Indiblogger and blogadda if you wish. keep sharing.. it was wonderful to read this.. something here touched a deep chord.

  35. Benny Says:

    @ above..thx,,sure I will add u!! do find time to check my other posts!! Keep visiting !!!

  36. मैं सिर्फ हिन्दी ब्लागस ही पढती हूं। आज आपको पढा बहुत ही अच्छा लगा। आप और अच्छा लिख सकते हैं। उज्जवल भविष्य की कामना है।

  37. So touching and well articulated.

  38. Bro...u r too good!!!
    Will definitely vote for ya...u deserve to win!!!
    It was a touching story...great work!!

    All the best!!
    keep blogging!!!

  39. Benny Says:

    Thanks Neha and Nazish for u r support:)

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Benny, sorry I already voted. Anyway, you are a romantic at heart. keep working on this genre. Am following you on Google reader.

  41. Benny Says:

    @ Above..its ok..N thx 4 visiting!!!

  42. Ritu Says:

    Hi, Benny!
    Thanks for visitng mah blog and commenting. Read ur touching and soft just like the movie. I like the way you started the story with a little bit apprehensive of chatting online with beautiful girls then you changed the course of the whole story. Very gud...indeed! Keep up the good work.

  43. Homekrafts Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    i loved reading this one okie..quiet interesting story...reallly touching...all the best ..Benny.

  44. Benny Says:

    @ above.. thanks a lot for visiting mine too:) keep visiting!!:)

  45. Sat_hi_sh Says:

    "A WALK TO REMEMBER" is my all time fav movie.....
    For a sec i tot u were jus ripping ur story from it bot i was wrong..
    I felt very engrossed in it man especially the last para :)

    my first visit to ur blog & am already damn impressed :) will surely follow up :)

    btw i have wrote my opinions abt this film in my blog,do check out & comment on it :)

  46. Benny Says:

    @ Sathish.. hmm atleast u found that I dint rip d story frm that movie..;) thank god! But I could see d impact of that movie on the auidences with every passing visitor!! Everyone seemed to hav loved that movie.. :)

  47. EM Says:

    benny, simply superb! came here via 'wiseruminations.blogspot'. you got yourself one more fan! :>

  48. Benny Says:

    @ EM.."fan"-he he thats too heavy a word u can use for a amateur writer like me..anyways I'm honoured!! N thx 4 those valuable comment! :)

  49. Anonymous Says:

    kya likha hai bhai sahab...
    you touched emotions so..and the whole narration was superbly smooth lucid and whatsay!!

    cheers benny!!

    i think I should this internet chatting too.....

  50. Benny Says:

    @ R S.. thx.. N sure u must try u r luck with chatting..sometime u may end up with a gud frd:) cheers!!

  51. Shruti Says:

    benny am new to your blog!
    I was completely moved by this story. I felt a lump in my throat after reading those last lines..
    U made me to get emotional!! Lovely writing!!

    Am following you now!!

    Keep smiling!

  52. Benny Says:

    @ Shruti..thx :) Keep visiting!!! I'll do d same!!

  53. vEnKy Says:

    Superb story benny very realistic all the things you mentioned about online frnds r true and esp bots pm ing us in yahoo

  54. Benny Says:

    hey thx da:) guess u too hav some crude xperience in Yahoo :P keep visiting da:)

  55. Mona Says:

    tats a wonderful story. Luck would have it I am introduced to ur writing today....
    "It’s hard to let go off someone who had touched your life;
    But it hurts more to let go off someone who was never yours,yet changed your life the most”

    -- this is so true!

  56. i really liked it....n i only hope that ur story ws entirely fiction bcz i cant even dream of anyone as wonderful as Meera dying...u made her very real 2 me....n yes it had a touch of WALK 2 REMMBER...nice one though

  57. pallavi Says:

    Now thats one wonderful story... but.. sad!!! damn..i hope its fiction.

  58. Benny Says:

    @ above
    thanks ya.. keep visiting my blog :)

  59. surendar Says:


  60. Benny Says:

    Oh really??So u mean to say these many films hav copied my blog story..too bad na ;-)seri seri..chill..Thx 4 reading da!

  61. hey benny, i love ur blogs, u really inspire a lot...i wrote a blog too n i m hoping tht u vl read it too

  62. hi benny...i m here again but this time i brought a lil surprise with me...i m sorry tht i shud hav asked u first abt it but i didnt had so much of tym thn and i had to do it
    i hope u would like it..plz see it

  63. thnx a lot benny...i m very happy tht u liked it

  64. Benny Says:

    @Mumbai Warrior..I'm honoured !!! I jus cant believe one of my blog story has been made into a short film :) I saw d video..It was gud..!!! Thanq for giving life to my story! :)

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Its just 20 mins dat i know u Benny n d d 21st minute i start to read ur blog..and now in 25th minute i m saying (which i never thought i ll say) dat its gonna take me a lifetime to actually believe dats its a story....lovely....amazing...wonderful...n very very very cute!! keep it up!!

  66. Benny Says:

    @ Above,,,thanks n I'm honoured..I guess it wil take a life time for me to prove it s jus a story :)

  67. Premnath Says:

    I have anticipated the climax half way through..Loved the narration and the way you have carried the entire plot. All the best.

    Btw Reached here thru WritersZone.


  68. chakri Says:

    Hey Benny..Didn't think that you are such a brilliant writer...I wish this story is not true..its so touching man.

  69. Priya Madhavan Says:

    Hey Benny,Loved ur writing style, all those tiny details..I could actually visualize the entire story,ur narration made it feel so real ... :) ... the emotions you expressed during the first call, i could feel them myself..
    Me got jus one word to say & thats "Awesome"... :) :)
    Looking forward to more such posts 4m u :):) !!!!!!!

  70. Benny Says:

    Hey atlast someone visited my blog :) feels great..Thx Priya ! ya I hav to start writing ila Google will scratch my blog off :(


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