Must watch for the guys who were in love and who are in love!!!

Caution: The film is a sincere effort to please audiences who appreciate good cinema which is genuine and realistic in its own ways! And if are a person ,who enjoy only slapstick comedies or a voyeur,whose jaws open involuntarily seeing cleavages or a guy who wants a fast track or an action sequence in the film,then better avoid this Cheran’s beautiful venture,as this film has nothing commercial in it and you may be cheated.

Well now,when I say Pokisham[treasure in english] is a real treasure for tamil cinema,I mean it! Cheran,in his usual self brings the fresh air,which the tamil audiences badly needed,with a genuine and an honest movie! As always you see in a Cheran’s film,Pokisham is also an amalgam of romance,sentiments,unexpected twists and ofcourse perfect casting,who makes the film sound very realistic! The film starts with Lenin’s(Cheran) son checking his bereaved father’s diary and his collection of umpteen love letters,as the time descends back to 1970’s. Lenin is a marine engineer based at Calcutta. He visits Madras to help his father,who has undergone a surgery.There at the hospital,he meets Nadhira(Padmapriya),a Muslim and a BA student studying at Nagore.Their wavelength matches and they are friends soon.When Lenin departs to Calcutta to rejoin his work,he suddenly misses her very badly and develops that special feeling for Nadhira.They exchange their interests and feelings through letters. The beauty of yesteryear romance,where communication was only through letters, is superbly depicted by the lead pair~the enthusiasm with which they write those letters,the long wait to receive the response and the pain if the letter is delayed is genuinely portrayed! Eventually their friendship morphes into love! The climax,with interesting twists and turns,reveals if they both finally get married or not.

Cheran as Lenin,has done a commendable job.His reputation as a “Yedhardha Nayagan”(Natural actor) keeps increasing with every movie.His looks perfectly fit a 1970’s gentleman.The scenes where he keeps pesturing the postman to check if he has any letters, brings the roofs down! His acting in the climax,where he goes on the search to find Nadhira,showcases him as a perfect “Yedhardha Nayagan”. Padmapriya-Oh My Gal!!! She has done wonders to the film.The smile and looks perfectly fit Padmapriya as Nadhira, a muslim girl.What a casting that was,Mr.Cheran??? Good job!!! Guys,trust me,Watch the movie for Padmapriya alone,if you want!

The cameraman needs applause,so does the art director-Vairabalan.They have worked hand in hand to give that 1970’s looks to the movie.Starting from the houses..the vehicles used, their dressing sense,currencies,envelopes,stamps gives us the perfect period looks for the film!!! The choice of location-Calcutta and Nagore and using sea as the backdrop with storm,breeze as the catalyst,the cameraman has succeded in his experiments big time! The biggest let down of the movie must be the music by Sabesh-Murali.Cheran uses songs as the element to drive his story forward,but it has fell flat,sadly! I doubt if the music directors struck a deal with the canteen stall owners ;-)

The first half is a tad slower, and keeps testing the audience’s patience,but the unadulterated romance keeps it going.The second half keeps on dragging unnecessarily and some trimming is needed.The dialogues are too verbose and philosophical,which I don’t think will go well with the urban class of audience! But every dialogue is meaningful,if keenly observed! No double entendre or a separate comedy track ! The movie is clean,beautiful and an expression of genuine romantic feeling.Special credits to Cheran for not using any commercial "masala" elements in his film and trusting only his story and his characters!As always,Cheran urges every one to get into his shoes to feel the value of his character and I’m sure atleast one scene will relate with you!

I reiterate Pokisham is a real treasure for tamil cinema,but I never said it is a paisa vasool! It deserves to do brisk business,but I doubt if today’s audience are patient enough to see this Pokisham unearthed! I mean,in today's world of instant communication,when a guy,even SMS his proposal to a girl, the viewers may be baffled and bored with the lead pair's love letter writing and the trouble they undertook.Had,Cheran made it more pacy and racy, Pokkisham would have been more touchy.Although,this film comes as a real test to the maturity of urban audience in their ability to accept meaningful films! I don’t see Cheran changing his style of directing,it has to be the audience who must mature themself to cherish such wonderful movies with genuine acting,pleasant screenplay,mind-blowing camerawork and encourage them in the making of many more Pokishams in the years to come!

Well done Mr.Cheran!!! Hats off !! U r our Pokisham indeed !

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19 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    As I read on..this struck me. Benny,Which part of the movie you related yourself? ;)I haven't watched it yet,the first review I read about this movie. I guess you relish Cheran's movies :)

  2. Neha Says:

    the story sounds damn good, but e-mail me the climax if u dont wanna reveal it..cos I dont understand tamil, so wont be watching this movie..

    nice review btw...I am sure film ppl will adore you if u become a will always be all praises :)

  3. Benny Says:

    @ Ramya..Ya I do love Cheran's ways of film making that made me watch his movie on the first day.The worst thing is that I went alone to the theatre :D And speaking abt the scene which related me in the film was when Lenin(Cheran) calls Nadhira(Padmapriya) for the first time over the phone to hear her voice..It was so beautifully depicted,that jus words falls short describing that scene! N I had the same feeling when I spoke with my virtual frnd for the first time!It was that feeling of relief,excitement and happiness which engulfed me when I spoke with her after so many days of chatting!Ramya,hope u see d movie n tel me d scene which related you with ;)

  4. Benny Says:

    @ Neha..Certain feelings are better felt when visually seen than spoken about and this film is all about,love and only love..I'm sure u wil get a DVD of d movie with subtitles...if u stil want me to tell the story,I'll mail u that..My pleasure! send me ur E mail address!!!

  5. Neha Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Benny Says:

    sure! I'll mail u Neha!

  7. Anand Says:

    Well presented. But I am not going to watch this movie at all. Like, I haven't watched any movies for months and might not be watching for the next few months as well.

  8. Benny Says:

    @ Anand...Hmm..I knw u r a busy-bee! when time permits,do check this movie da!I'm sure u wil like:)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Why alone! your gf dint come along with you? Had a fight with her so soon?

  10. Benny Says:

    @ Ramya..Adi paavi..epdi damage panitiyae! Btw,who s that gal frd of mine,which even I dont knw ;)Even if I had one,who wil come 4 a Cheran movie? I had to go alone,even then :D

  11. seems like a good movie. Too bad i cant understand tamil :-)

  12. Benny Says:

    @ sad yaar..Learn Tamil,it s such a beautiful language na! then watch d movie :P

  13. HaRy!! Says: here..hav'nt seen this movie yet, but guess i'll do it now:)! thanks ngo...kalakal..cyu around!

    H a R y

  14. i know nothing about south indian films, but being a film critic myslef it was interesting. nice work!

  15. Z Says:

    nicely presented da...
    Trailor ae sema bore adiku paaka...! how u managed to see it fully da!

  16. tanvi Says:

    hhmmm quite a critic must say...well chosen words n wonderfully narrated...i've always bben skeptical bout the movies made down south . But ur review is so gripping dat i wud definitely waana watch it...

  17. Benny Says:

    @ Aditya...thx man..keep visiting mine!

    @ Z ...Dai film ll be too good,if u r an ardent fan of romantic flicks..else avoid it... :)

  18. Benny Says:

    @Tanvi...Skeptical abt south Indian films? he he...why such a conception! V too boast of some of the best directors,best movies ever made,best actors on earth and ofcourse the best music director! I urge u to see some movies made down south,just to erase such an image abt our industry!:) N it cant better than this movie,for a starter!


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