….Really unrealistic!!!

This story has not happened in my life, has not happened in anyone’s life,will never happen in anyone’s life also.But I’m sure at the end of the story everyone will wish why not this happen in our life ;-) So Let’s get started! And yeah.. if u possess a very brilliant,realistic or a skeptical mind please keep it aside for sometime and then start reading!

When was the last time you saw a girl and wondered, “Hey I have seen her somewhere..who is she?” and crushed your brain cells. It happened to me the last week when I was waiting to board the train at Bangalore station on my journey back to Chennai.It was 10:35PM and the awesome chill weather of Bangalore was having its say on her dressing.She was wearing a white sweater with a striking black jean and was shivering,waiting for the train.Holding her ipod on one hand,shuffling the songs,her ears were plugged with the headsets.She was holding a woman’s magazine in the other hand,though she never bothered to even open that,till then! She occasionally kissed her fist and that mannerism again reminded me of someone.I gave it a hard thought,but I wasn’t able to recognize her.She had all the features that kept me warm in that cold night ;-) I checked my watch and I was assured there was 20 minutes left for the train to arrive and I continued to ogle.At one moment she caught my eyes and I felt damn embarrased and I took an about turn,as if I was searching for someone else ! I moved away from the place for a few minutes just to avoid her.By the time I finished a cup of tea,I saw my train enter the platform.

When I returned to the place I saw her,to my surprise,she wasn’t there.My eyes kept searching for her,as I entered the coach and got settled in the seat reserved for me. I was not able to find her and I was convinced yet another cloud has passed! But suddenly through the window,I saw her..saw her in the waiting room being laid and a few people crowded around her.Shocked,I got out of the train and went near the room,where she was nursed.By the time I went there,she had recovered.She got up and was gazing at everyone.Somewhere inside the heart I felt relieved!!! I got back to my seat and the train was about to start.To my nightmare she came and sat in the seat opposite to me! Oh My God! I felt very guilty and crashed into the upper berth and tried to sleep. I pondered,atleast I must have asked how she was feeling now,out of courtesy! :-( But I wasn’t able to! I tried to sleep but only her face kept running through my mind ! I looked down at her through my half-dozed eyes.She was still sitting,contemplating ! May be about what happened to her in the station! It was half past 12 and I was fast asleep by then!

I slept so badly that I did not even realise that the train had reached Chennai Central.I was woken up by someone and then did I realise I had to get down! Very fast I did my silent prayer,took my baggage and got down the train.Chennai was as usual bright and it was 2 months since I came home and I was excited to be here again! As soon as I got down,there was a surprise.She was standing there,smiling at me!Only now I recognised the face which woke me up in the train.I went near her and said “Thanks”. “It’s ok.You must have been tired” she replied as her voice again sounded like someone’s whom I know very well.Without thinking much I asked,”So how are you feeling now?What happened yesterday?” .She continued to walk along with me,keeping her smile intact and replied “I fainted seeing you”.Knowing that she was kidding I sardonically said “My friends say I have killer looks,but this is too much!” She started to laugh that drew the attention of a couple of children sitting there.They winked at me and I reciprocated! I partially understood why the wink was from those cute children. Yeah..The girl walking with me was so graceful and smart that even those children understood she is too much for me! ;-) But poor children! They din’t know she was just my co-passenger and still a stranger! now,she finished laughing and said,”No.I’m serious Rahul” . ”Rahul??”…”Who is that?” I interrogated. “You” she said as we kept walking to catch our connecting train to reach our destination! “No yaar. I’m Benny” I clarified.She shook her head in disapproval and quizzed me,”Do you believe in rebirths?” The next moment,without much thought I said “…I don’t ” She looked straight into my eyes and said “I too did not believe in rebirths before I saw your face yesterday night”. She sounded serious now and a sense of shock crept within me as I feared if I,really,was the reason for her fainting yesterday night.I trembled and asked ,”What did you see in my face”?

We did not speak for few minutes as we got the connecting train to reach our respective places.It was early morning in Chennai and the train was unusually calm and sparsely crowded.We sat facing each other near the window! I suddenly noticed a mole beneath her no above her lips ;-) It has always been a turn-on factor for me when I see a girl! As I was admiring her,she started revealing, “Hey...I saw my boyfriend’s face in you..the same face and the same guy whom I loved in my previous birth!” I was shocked but din’t want to show it as I replied,” So are you ok??? You sound senseless now”? She acknowledged,”Ya.I know.But u must believe this” as she showed a scar in her left hand.Getting excited seeing that I quipped,”Same pinch..even I have one” and showed my scar in the left hand.She quizzed, ”Shut up You!..Do you know the history behind this?” “….Hmmm.I always ask my mother about this.But she says it is there from my birth and she can’t help it!” I mumbled.

She cleared her throat and started ”Oh..How come she know our past?”. I was excited as she sounded as if she really knew my past and said ”Past…So do u know mine?” She nodded and said “Your past was with me.How come I don’t know that?” and continued “ I seriously remember a few moments I spend with you in my last birth.You were my close friend during my college time.We spend most of our times together at college,walking with hands locked,helping me out at everything,fighting with me..even for the silliest thing…Hmmm we showcased to the world what true friendship is.I just get a blurred vision of what happened next.It is like… you proposed to me one day and I started crying and after so many days I accepted you as my boyfriend. And I’m not sure what happened inbetween.Just remember we engraved our names in our hands,which are these scars in this birth and we ended our life”..”Now do u remember anything?” she politely asked.”Hmm..Yeah I can remember!This is the same story of the latest tamil flick I watched” I joked trying to bring down the over running emotion from her side!

She hit my head and said,” me Rahul”… I got serious hearing Rahul ”Please call me Benny.I don’t know Rahul or the stories you are telling.Hey how come you,alone, remember all the things that happened in your previous birth” I asked in a irritated voice…She seeing me serious,quipped,”I have read in one of Plato’s work that after our death in our previous birth,our soul passes through a hot desert and then it drinks water from the lake nearby.By drinking that water,we forget what happened in our previous birth.May be I cheated the Gods’ and din’t drink that water”.” You cheat!” I teased her.Laughing for that she started,”Hey the moment I saw you in the station yesterday I fainted as my memories took me to my previous birth.I saw a life with you in those few moments! That is what I told you now.After I woke up,I searched for you in the station,but you were’nt there.I was more shocked than you when I saw you in my coach! When you climbed to the upper berth I saw the scar in your hand which confirmed you are my Rahul”!

She was almost in tears by this time and it was time I start trusting her memories as even I had the same thought when I saw her,when I heard her if I had a relation with her! She kissed her fist involuntarily(you see it is her mannerism that attracts her to me) and was contemplating.After being numb for sometime she asked,”Did you notice the mole beneath my nose?” “ Do u feel something seeing me kiss my fist?” These words jolted me and all of a sudden I started fearing the worst.I asked,”Are you a mind reader?” She was delirious,”So these things still excites you?..Haa??” I trembled again in my words,” what do you mean by ‘still excites me’?” In a pure girlish tone,she replied “ Rahul…these excites you in your previous birth too..” My inner voice said “Ayoo Benny you have not yet changed man!” and I blushed!!!

It was hard to actually believe in rebirths and at the same time it was hard not to believe after all this! She was silent for some time,which gave me time to think what was happening all this while? I was puzzled at her making so many attempts to make me realise that I was her boyfriend the last birth.What was she going to achieve in this birth through that? I just felt I must understand her feelings and give her some time to get back to reality. If she is very clear in her thoughts,well then I have a beautiful girlfriend waiting,or else it is just another passing cloud! A typical boyish decision!!

“So where must you get down?” she enquired atlast.I revealed that we passed the station,where I had to get down and that I’m coming along with her to drop her at her house.”So you thought I have gone mad na” she bantered!!! Her smile has always been her forte and I have already started to fall in love with her. So it is time to start flirting as I replied “No..I’m just wondering how I ended up with you in this birth also” “Oieee..” she said in an excited tone and started laughing! Atlast I asked “Hey you..whats your name?” She continued to smile and winked as she quipped,”So now…you want my previous birth name or this births? “ ;-) We smiled and the smiles lasted for eternity as in her words the life,which we ended abruptly in our previous birth continued here on earth!

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26 Responses
  1. Anand Says:

    Of late, there has been a classical touch in Benny's words. Sounds good. But I must not be knowing "you" to interpret it as a story. Very difficult proposition.

    Have you watched the age old movie, Nenjam Marapadillai?

  2. Neha Says:

    well well Mr. Benny, tht was some story..kya imagination hai boss...very well thought n penned down..keep it up..:)

  3. Vetri Says:

    Macha!! Never knew yu dream this much....
    Very desparate in getting a girlfriend..., that yu even went back to your previous birth in search of her!!

    Wish yu get a Gf soon da!

  4. Benny Says:

    @ Anand,..Havn't watched that movie! N thx 4 ur "classical touch" comments!

    @ Neha..Thanks ji..It feels good n continue to encourage me!

  5. Benny Says:

    @ Vetri...Dai dai..desperate lam ila machi..jus a story da!!! But hw cool it would be if somethin like this happens na! atleast someone fakes like this! he he;)

  6. priyamol jose Says:

    if ds happens dn annie will b d luckiest gal...... btw t'was a fab story:D good work...hope yu publish it nd demand yor booker prize:D

  7. Benny Says:

    @ priya..everything s fine until it happens for ur sis or u r daughter ;) and thanks for d booker prize..wish u r d judge!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, it worked out pretty well more than expected.It is indeed different and quite creative. Keep it up looking forward to read more from you...

  9. Benny Says:

    thx Shruti..atlast u commented and sure I'll keep writing da! u keep visiting! thx again!

  10. It was really cute.... just like some real incidence :D
    Great work! :)

  11. Benny Says:

    Thanks Deepika!:)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    first time to ur blog..
    really good creativity and nicely written..

  13. Benny Says:

    @Wishes galore...Thanks a lot!N I wish u keep visiting mine!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! Gr8 imagination..Keep writing :) you have become a short story writer too.. Awesome work! Can expect a novel from you later :)

  15. Benny Says:

    @ Ramya...hehe...novel dhan la..sure sure..;) wil compile one soon with loads of dreams n imaginations! be ready to bear all those;)N thx 4 ur comments...

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Oh sure.. waiting :)

  17. china Says:

    dai, u.. totally ammazing man. u made me imagine the same... nice work da... as vetri said, u r really desparate in getting a girl friend da....

  18. Benny Says:

    @ China...he he..Do I sound so..?? oh oh!!! if so help me in gettin one :D...N thx da..keep visiting my blog

  19. Gowri Says:

    fantabulous writing,cute imagination...claps fr u...keep it up,waiting fr ur nxt post..

  20. Benny Says:

    @ Gowri.. :) thx..N sure I'll come with yet another fictional story pretty soon..keep visiting mine!

  21. dude, I am your fan . Awesome.

  22. Benny Says:

    @ above..Honestly u r the first person to be my fan..he he!!thx N sure I will keep writing to satisfy my fans :D

  23. mega Says:

    really a nice reelstory...
    the way u take us at first is like real.....

    nice imagination.....

    i loved it brother......

    keep posting......

  24. Whenever I read this story it reminds me of your narration with Sindhu... A cute story coming out of great romantic heart and a never gonna happen dream coming out of a young lad who is in desperate need of a girlfriend.

  25. Benny Says:

    @Mega..Thanks a lot! Keep readin my blog :)

  26. Benny Says:

    @ gopikuttan aka Aneesh!

    U made me remind that narration I did with Sindhuri!It was a great afternoon I knw,,I stil remember u n vamshi teasin Pradeep..LOL!!! N abt desperate 4 a gf.. do u really think so I'm desp? ;-)


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