The two words my friends won’t relate me with-“ History” and “Date” for they know how good I’m at both ;-) But when it is “Date with History” I’m sure, I will be the first one they would think of. I can still recollect even the silliest of those moments,which happened in my life so far.Now don’t think I have a great memory power for only I know the nightmare I had clearing my history paper, remembering those good-for-nothing dates and years. But still, I date my history with those treasures I have treasured so long- diaries, which I have written for almost a decade now. And yeah..I’m still treasuring!

Diaries-One of the best companions for your life time,with characters etched in it which time can’t erase, pages of truth, hitherto unrevealed, chapters of unsaid love, blossomed friendship, hard decisions taken,resolutions scribed,days mourned by despair and those glorious moments worth savouring for generations…! It has it all..all evergreen and beautiful..My best friend for a life time ~ my diary!

It was during those days at school,when we blindly do whatever our class teachers tells us to do and it was one such act I started when I entered my class nine...Yeah class nine and those days,I hardly had any big things to write about and my habit of writing diary would have been dead,if not for that moment of failure.No surprise I failed my first History exam and I still know the pain with which I wrote my diary that night.It was a night of embarrasment,shame,tears and ofcourse a big decision…the decision I must say changed the rest of my life..I decided that my diary should not see any more failures and I started to work realy hard.I started to fear failures,which triggered hardwork and eventually success. As a school student,dairy writing taught me honesty(as u can’t lie in your diary),respecting privacy,discipline(as I sat at night regularly to write) and improved my memory (as I jog my memory to recall the events of the day)

After some serious schooling,college life gave the fresh air needed and I promise I can’t forget any moment spend there.Atleast my diary wouldn’t allow me to do that! Right from the first smile at college to the final cry during my farewell,every moment has been inscribed !!! ~ My train journeys,those birthdaybash,exams,tours,bunks,movies,friends intro,first love,canteen “kadalai’s”,culturals,symposiums and about that “someone” special whom we always have close to our heart!

I must say this habit was quite infectious,as some started to write hearing from me. But many stopped inbetween,as they found their privacy was at stake,as they feared if someone in their family may read it and who knows he\she may end in trouble.Now I must thank my family for being so nice as they respect my privacy,that I dare to keep my diary in my open shelf ! You know I’m very sure they havn’t read my diaries yet or else how will I be at home still ;-) Jus kidding!

Writing diary,which started as a class activity grew into a habit,then a friend and now it is my life…my life of memories! I have shared with it even the secrets I don’t dare to tell my bestest friend! It has seen the ups and downs of my life,shared the happiest and the saddest moments… I have this regret anyways…It changed me into an introvert in some ways…Those emotions which I wish I told my family and friends directly were just written ” Sorry machi”…”Love u da”…”Thanks sis”. But I’m loving it this way now! dairy has it black and white- all the ingredients for a 'masala' Bollywood blockbuster- stories,emotions,characters,love,masti,fights in it..But there is no audience still for my "Autograph":- ( But yeah…I hope to get that “someone” soon with whom I can share my past life –“someone” who can enjoy it reading with a smile,excitement and ofcourse some envy ;-) Is that “someone” listening ?? ;-)

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15 Responses
  1. Anand Says:

    You must already have one such person.

    If you don't have, you can find such a person at Hydrabad, CTS!!!

  2. Anand Says:

    By the way, writing a diary is such a good habit!!! Keep at it.

  3. Shyamala Says:

    nice post! i know how it is to have a loyal, faithful friend, who wouldn't give up on u, even if u pour in your deepest, darkest sides to him...i write diaries too! have a huge collection's actually fun u know, when u flip back your pages, and reminisce those olden days..perfect boost up for ur morale when u are down!!!
    all the best for ur spl someone! hope we all find ours sooner or later!!

  4. Benny Says:

    @ Anand..Yet to find that "someone":(..As u say waiting for hbad;)

    @ Shyamala..really nice to knw u too write diaries..not many do it these days."perfect boost up for ur morale when u are down"..very very true..I forgot to mention in my post! xperience la :D

  5. nice post. I still keep a journal :-)

  6. Neha Says:

    maintaining a diary...thts nice...i was too lazy to maintain one regularly, so i started sharing stuff with it helped me exactly in the opposite way - it made me an extrovert..n talkative...;-)
    dude, be careful...when u find tht "someone special", dont propose to her in ur diary...or u wil nvr find tht someone special to share ur stuff

  7. Benny Says:

    @ Raaji...great u visited my blog..thanks!!! Keep visiting!

    @ Neha..That was really hilarious..I knew someone wil tel this to me!! Lets hope I dont do wat u said!;)

  8. Vetri Says:

    Nice machi!!
    I dont write diaries!! cuz i ve a living personal diary.

    Hope ma personals arent der in tat Living diary's diary. ;)

    Confused?? Hope yu got it??

  9. I think having a dairy is like have a silent friend at hand always. Some one you can share your inner most feeling, thoughts, achievements and embarassments knowing too well that the friend will listen but not judge. Somewhere where you can bare your soul and feel alot better after doing so.

  10. Benny Says:

    @ vetri... hmmm...Got it N thx 4 d compliments da!hope N wish u keep using this living diary 4ever:)

    @ Angel...Ya..I accept with u! A silent frnd,whom u can trust and care forever without bounds! Keep visiting ya!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Great..perfect boost! Writing a diary is really a good habit. Infact i hope everything in your life doesnt end up in a diary..he he.. ROFL I mean AUTOBIOGRAPHY!

  12. i have many times in the past thought of keeping a diary,, but couldnt make up the mind,, i was too lazy for it... but i regret, i wish i had kept a diary,, the memories are slowly getting erased from my mind..

    i guess memories are the only thing we can call our own, and they have to be preserved

  13. Benny Says:

    @ ^ Ya memories r d best part in ones try to treasure them by havin one diary..hope u start writing one!

  14. Ashwathy Says:

    hurrah!!! i m able to comment finally!! :P finally got the link!

    and i repeat, diaries are a joy :-) agree with u completely on that one... esp when u need to look back at old memories. they remind u of the scenario all over again, vividly.

  15. Benny Says:

    @ Ash...thx 4 that!!I knw u hav struggled a lot to comment on my space!;) hehe ..keep visiting!


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