Nostalgic reminiscence of Chennai...

I find it difficult to update my blog,as I’m busy scaling the length and breadth of Ch
ennai. Only when I realise that I have to leave Chennai in a couple of months,I’m starting to love it and cherish the beauty of my city. I landed in Chennai,a decade ago when the city was vulnerable, politically instable ,unfinished projects with bridges hanging,roads under construction and the water scarcity beginning to have its say on the Chennaites.After spending most of my life at Pondicherry,the initial days at Chennai were horrible to say the least.The pronounced transition took its time as Pondicherry was such an awesome place to be in...calm and serene.Chennai showcased the perfect city life,where people hardly know even their neighbours name,infact no time to know them in the hustles and bustles of a city life.I gradually got adapted to this new life.Though it was mechanical and monotonous,I found some good friends who made it livelier than I expected.Life started changing,so did Chennai and after so many years, I must say life has come a full circle for this city.Though struck by nostalgia now,I look up with pride the development, Chennai has undergone in this decade.

Chennai boasts one of the best beaches in the world,Asia's biggest bus terminus,fantastic malls, IT parks,historic basilicas,temples,stadiums and ofcourse Superstars!!! Chennai has something to offer for all class of people. Chennai,known for its passionate "Tamil"ians, strikes a balance between conservatism and modernism,which is reflected in the people who live here.It would be pertinent if I can pick out the unique features of Chennai for the rest of the world to awe ;-) The first thing which strikes my mind about Chennai is the Marina beach.One of the world’s longest beach which came in the news recently because of the tsunami and its destruction.It has to be the cheapest and the beautiful place to hang out at Chennai;-) Next is the historic St.Thomas Basilica at Santhome,where the body of St.Thomas(One of the 12 apostles of Jesus) is buried.It is one of the most visited places in India by the foreigners.Chennai has a decent number of recreation malls,theme parks and theatres. The M.A.Chidambaram Stadium has witnessed a number of cricket matches which went straight into the history books,for its unique records .Mahabalipuram,a few kms away from Chennai brings out the rich history of Tamil Nadu carved in the rocks .The temples in Chennai speaks volumes about the vast cultural heritage of this land! It has to be “Saravana stores” when it comes to shopping at Chennai,simply for its the vast collection and its nominal price tags!

It would be apt to say the IT mania took Chennai by a storm.The mushrooming of umpteen IT and ITES sectors in Chennai brought the much needed “change” the city wanted.It opened the doors for foreign investors and played a perfect host to all those people who sought refugee in this IT hub. It is widely acknowledged these days that Chennai is the best metro in India given the cost of living and the opportunities available for people to grow. Aren’t u convinced still ??? ;-)

Oh I forgot the individuals who made this land proud ! Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam strikes my thought first.A genius,scientist and the most respected former President of India. If Abdul Kalam delights us,there is a double delight awaiting as Chennai has this great politician of all times-Dr.Karunanidhi. 50 years in politics is not a simple thing.Hats off Kalaignar!!! We,also have one of the best woman politician of our generation too-Ms.J.Jayalalitha.’Super star’ Rajinikanth and Kamal Hasan won world audiences with their acting and modesty.India's dream of an Oscar came true when AR Rahman won it and what else can make Chennai proud than this once-in-a-lifetime moment??Well we are the sole owners of the million dollar baby M.S.Dhoni and the chess genius Vishwanath Anand.It is the land of the Ilayarajas and the ManiRatnams.Hmmm..Someone else in missing in this elite list right…Oh yeah..I stay at Chennai and that makes it even more special ;-) Just kidding!!!

Hailing from the God’s own Land-Kerala,having studied in a small,but awesome union territory-Pondicherry,picking Chennai as my favourite city would be surprising for many,but I’m clear as Chennai has given me more sweeter moments,good friends, recognition and ofcourse everlasting memories! I found my first love at Chennai and I don’t feel it,as a bad idea, to adore the city where she lives ;-)

Yeah Chennai is hot,infact hotter, polluted and populated,roads are rugged,people are artificial,smile is a rarity,water is extinct,our auto-walas demand thrice the usual price,our buses are crowded,people speak Tanglish in the name of english...But still I’m loving it…I’ll miss those idly and sambhar,dosa and vadaa, but then, “Hyderabad” briyani invites me :P!!! Chennai is ofcourse interesting and special.Or else would you have read till this last line?? ;-)

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14 Responses
  1. ur prob the first one who has praised chennai , ones i have come across..o.w all i come to hear is chennai's heat ;)


  2. Neha Says:

    chennai-I ve been there only once for 10 minutes while going to dunno much about the city...but while reading ur post, it was like visiting the place personally...very well written...

  3. Benny Says:

    @ Hopeless Romantic aka Amit
    Thanks..N Chennai s not jus abt heat,there are more beautiful things around us..Do come here N check it out!:)

    @ Neha..I think u need to pay me 1000-2000 Rs. coz I hav taken u for a free trip around chennai;) visit Chennai..It s a nice place indeed!!!

  4. Anand Says:

    Saving Vishy and

    of course the other "famous" Anand,

    none of the personalities pointed by you were chennaities.

  5. claypot Says:

    will visit it again in da future ;)

  6. Benny Says:

    @ Anand...I jus wrote abt the people who made Chennai proud..It is not neccasarily they are Chennaites..They hav had their part of life spend at Chennai,making the city proud..I jus tried to say that..anyways thx 4 d comment!!keep visiting da!

  7. Benny Says:

    @ Clay pot...always welcome :)

  8. Anand Says:

    Yes Benny. I understood it before you pointed out.

    But otherwise, I wouldn't have had an opportunity to blog whore.

  9. Suren Says:

    Machi ... namba Chennai MOZART ah maranthutiya..... "ARR"

  10. Benny Says:

    Really sorry Suren..I really dono how I missed him..I feel v bad missing out him..Now,I have included him da..seems Chennai s even more special now!!;) Thx 4 lettin me know

  11. You have every reason to love Chennai... your first love is the first ;)
    then all the good things u mentioned... whthr it be beach or growing IT sector or the oscar winner.... :)
    Wow! m convinced to visit it once at least :)

  12. Benny Says:

    ha..Most welcome..:)seems I'm helping Tamil Nadu tourism in some ways;)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    hey! truly a major co-incidence! like u've mentioned, the love for the place is being expressed probably because we are gonna leave it soon. but then, this love is anything but ephemeral! it transcends all borders, genders, ages, obstacles!! we are madrasis to the core!
    Three cheers to Madras and we Madrasis!!

  14. Mad Blogger Says:

    Is Chennai so good... One of the few cities that is not there much on a tourist map.. Reading this post, I feel like visiting the city...


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