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Cheers!!!It’s party time! I just wish I had a bottle of beer in my hand so that I could run to my balcony and shout, “I’m the happiest man in the world”. It is raining outside and every drop of rain is enjoying this moment with me. The sharp spark of lightning makes me smile, and roar of the thunder gives me a chance to dance! Yeah..I’m happy..I found it.. I found my love!!! It is time I must accept that I’m finally in love. It has taken me so many years to understand this. But thank God atleast now I understood how beautiful it is to be in love. is better late than never and now I’m enjoying this feel!!! I consider myself lucky as it is next to impossible to get someone like genuine, gentle, caring ,loving and I can’t stop smiling writing this here. I must thank my stars for being with such a human being for a long time who is always willing to help others, love people without bounds, always the reason for others smile, reason for someone’s dream, reason for someone’s prayers and at times reason for other’s envy too ;-) Of course, only time will help one to realize, who the best person for him is and I know it now,after these many years !

The days after my college life would obviously be remembered as the worst days of my career. It was the time when my friends started to chase time to find a career for themselves and I started missing people a lot. It was tough to accept and face the harsh realities of life. The recession had its say on me, as disappointments became the order of the day and the going was getting tougher. It was then I found there was someone who was always with me, who motivated me when I needed and helped me move through the tough passage of my career. Just words can’t describe the amount of inspiration I needed to keep myself moving during those days and I found someone who always backed me for my ideas and smiled at the silliest of my jokes. I found a reason for my life, atlast !!!

I don’t know when I fell in love or what made me fall in love. Of late I started loving that smile, voice, cherub face and that caring heart! I feel it is time I go for a date..for my first date..I’m quite excited planning for that. I haven’t decided the place yet, but I always had a great fascination for a date at a beach during the sunset and a romantic dinner. So I might go there, to spend more time with me, to learn know more about me, to realize and understand me better. Yeah…Atlast I’m in love with myself and my life.. I’m loving every bit of it now.

It is a new kinda feeling as I’m aware I haven’t loved myself so much before. Of course, I’m no- saint and even I had my own shortcomings. Yeah… There was always an other side of me, which I tried not to show off to people or just didn’t want to acknowledge. I hated myself for being like that..To fake, pretend and be good. But I found doing that was detrimental to my growth as an individual. I needed to change.. change for the good. So I became a mother to myself, and I started to care for me a lot. I worked on my deficiencies and at the end, I found myself better than many people, whom I have met. I started to love myself, for what I’m and I bet u guys, it is best feeling on earth. Life is moving on from birth to death, the earth is rotating in a circle, we hardly do anything for these to happen. The only thing life demands us is to get back to reality. When we do that, our hearts starts to do what it is assigned to do-LOVE..Love yourself. And when you start to love yourself, you start to love your fellow human beings. Then, just imagine how beautiful the world would be !!!

A great writer of yesteryears aptly said,"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"..I have started my romance!!! How about you guys?? Are you ready for a date with yourself??

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13 Responses
  1. mk Says:

    am doing it for long!!

  2. Anand Says:

    Awesome Benny.

    For a second, I thought the love you meant would be your blog.

    But in the end, It turned out to something more than that - Your life.

  3. Neha Says:

    way to go dude...

  4. Vetri Says:

    Good one da macha!!
    I tot u wer revealing something here..;)

    Oh wer u waiting for the removal of section 377 to love yurself...:P

    Just kidding da...

    Nice tots macha...

  5. Benny Says:

    @ Mk.. thats really great...keep doing d same man!

    @ Anand..Thx N I love my blog too,but not surely more than my life!

    @ Neha..thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Benny Says:

    @ Vetri..ROFL...I cant stop laughing..But then Sec 377 has nothin to do with loving oneself..I wish our law minister does'nt bring in new rules for that now!;-)

  7. claypot Says:

    gud one

  8. Neha Says:

    benny, read a real life love story on u enjoy it..

  9. Benny Says:

    Hey I read it Neha...Really nice:)I hav commented der!

  10. Neha Says:

    yeah, i read all ur comments...m glad tht u liked it...thanks..

  11. Phoenix Says:

    nice blog :)

    will keep visiting :)

  12. Fallen Angel Says:

    Its a cycle.
    we keep falling 'for' and 'off' ourselves.

    “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”

    Congrats, :-)

    - oscar wilde ( I love quotes! )


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