.... Inspired from a true story..

This is my first fictional story. So cricket bat throwers and tomato throwers get ready! You will be into action pretty soon ;-)

A sense of déjà vu crept as I stepped into my college after six long months for my Graduation day. It was a nostalgic start to the day meeting old class mates, enquiring about them, reeling stories for not being in touch and faking promises to be in touch! Graduation day-The most satisfying day for any graduate..A day of hope..The world opens up and we enter into it with greater aspirations than when we entered college. Yeah it was a day of celebration of my sacrifice..the recognition of my talents, friendship and comradeship..culmination of my hardwork,the support of family and friends, signification of the obstacles overcome and goals attained!

The stage was set for a grand occasion! It was scorching heat outside that made me sweat even inside an AC auditorium. The dignitaries arrived to enlighten the stage. The solemn function began with a prayer followed by some inspirational speech by the Chief Guests! I was getting slightly nervous as my moment of glory neared. After few minutes of waiting, it was my turn to bask the glory as my name was called to get the degree. My friend, next to me, patted me and I entered the stage. Quite nervous, I bowed in front of the dignitaries and received my hard-earned degree! Next was my Kodak moment! Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind as I walked down the stage to occupy the seat assigned to me… My family, friends, faculty. Thanking all those benevolent hearts, which helped me reach here, I would have forgotten her, before which her named was called onto the stage!

My thoughts flashed back to the first day of my college life. The day when I first saw her in that sandal colored salwars, clasping her hand with her dad’s, smiling nervously to the new friend she got. I must say it was love at first sight, though I had no belief in that! There was this nudge inside that kept saying to me at that very moment that she will be mine someday. An image of her in my arms flashed inside my mind. I could not help myself stop smiling. Somehow, my inner voice warned me to fear for the opposite. I was circumspect as I had a break up just a few days before I joined college with my ex-school mate. So it took a few days for me to speak to her, after which I understood our similarities stopped with being in the same class and same department. We were poles apart in our characters. She was an introvert,coy,studious,beautiful girl. Sadly none of these words suits me!!! But as it goes, opposite poles attract each other. Yeah I mean that. Very soon,I felt she has become quite close to me than never before. She started sharing even the silliest of ideas and the freakiest of secrets with me. I sensed that we were on the process of building a lasting relationship!

I must say the fun and the enjoyment in the first couple of years of our college life can’t be matched with those in the succeeding years. By the time we entered the second year, almost everyone in our department knew we were in a relation. That was the time when I realized there was something, which spreads faster than a forest fire, and it was gossip! But we both never gave a chance for our friends to settle them with that being a gossip alone, as the number of times we both met outside on weekends increased, so did the number of hours over the phone! During this period, there were many tantalizing moments when I was about to tell her that I loved her, but the fear of losing a beautiful relation always stopped me doing that! Even now after hours of being with her, I seriously didn’t know if she loved me? Then, I really wished God created some area in the brain which could help guys read girl’s mind, though not the otherwise;-)

Our friendship found no hurdle in between until we found the going got tough in our third year when the pressure to deal with our academics and career increased. Our daily chats became weekly chats. Weekly meetings became a rarity. Of course, we were into a lull phase and suddenly a thin wall of separation has been built. I feared the worst! But then came our mini project time, when we both were coupled to do it. I don’t know with what intention my lecturer paired us, but we were not complaining, though many were envying ;-) We suddenly found more time as we were working together for the project. Those days gave me a chance to know her very well. I was convinced I would not get a “better” half than her and was waiting for the right time to propose her.

The mini project was almost done by now. We had the final presentation the next day. During the wee hours preparing for the project presentation, there was a so-called-forward message from her, which sounded like a girl telling something romantically to her boyfriend. You blame it on my hormones or lack of grey cells, I replied to the forward saying, “I seriously wish u said this to me”. Only after sending that message did I realize, I have done something silly and was waiting for her reply! The next second I got it, which said “What? Are you serious?”:- ). I was confused about the reply, as the message had a smiling face at the end. Having got a blind confidence, I replied, “I seriously meant that”! without knowing how she is going to react. Her reply “We have our presentation tomorrow. Prepare well for that. Good night” was like slapping my face,but then,it reminded me of my presentation and I got back to my studies again.

The next day, after the successful completion of our presentation, we were on the way back home. Having left with no other option, we were to board a crowded bus to reach our destination. We were almost crushed inside the bus and now, she was almost in my arms with her hands firmly holding mine. I thought I could quiz her and asked “What does your reply, which you send me yesterday means?” She, acting smartly questioned me “What does your reply to that forward means?” I never expected I’ll be put in such a situation by her. But then, I needed to respond now..respond honestly! So I bend down, to her ears and whispered, “I meant I love you so much”. Her reaction was surprising as she smiled and said ” I knew that”. It was really teasing and I whispered again “So?.. you love me too??” to which she looked up and said “Do you think I’ll say no?” and hid her face beneath my arms out of her unusual shyness! I just wanted to jump, jump and jump but if I had done that inside that crowded bus, I would have been kicked off. Then,we spend some speechless moments inside the bus and got down at our place.

After a few days into our relation, we started to visit each other’s house quite frequently and everyone including our friends saw our chemistry really working! I can boast saying that whenever and wherever we went together, we were the cynosure for others eyes.It was the time when my final year begun and plans for a final year tour started. I relished the dream of being with her for 10 straight days, but she was initially reluctant to come for the trip. Then after days of coaxing her and her parents, she made it. But little did I realize what is in store for me! Hmmm…This tour sowed the seeds of separation for us. I really din’t know what she expected out of me.I felt she was too possessive. She did not like me mingling with other girls in my department. She cried at will to make her things happen. I tried to help her everytime, but then.. it was going overboard. To say the least, she spoilt the happiness of what should have been a fantastic tour for me! Suddenly you may feel,I’m too harsh on her. But that is the truth. She started avoiding me for reasons,only God knew!

The days after the tour were horrible. I never knew our love life would be so short-lived as she showed no signs of carrying forward. One day I thought I should break the ice and spoke to her.But what I received was a cold blooded insult. I was petrified! This was not the girl, whom I loved without bounds and aspired to continue with. Time was running out for me to make amends for the obscure mistake of mine as our farewell was announced! But to my surprise she was least bothered to speak to me even on that day. I was literally heart-broken! Umpteen thoughts of being betrayed, cheated grew fast, on what was already an emotional day! I really expected her to speak something for she was the only relation I longed to carry forward in my life! But it wasn’t to be!

Before all these thoughts clogged my mind,my convocation day came to an end. Let me confess here. My love for her has not diminished even a bit even after the humiliation I suffered at the end of my college life.May be the memories she gave me over ruled the embarrassment! I must take the blame for not keeping in touch with her after we parted some months ago. It was already six months after our farewell ended! I was very keen to meet her before the function started,but I did not see her.But I made it clear I should meet her after the function got over as I needed to renew our relation.I was sure the wound would have been healed by now and I was sure we will be together soon !

As I got out of the hall, the first person to congratulate me was her. I was shocked a bit as I never expected her to talk with me first, given the streak of bad run we had! We exchanged pleasantries. I was feeling good and was convinced that we would be on track soon! We started to walk towards the lawn, which has given us lots of unforgettable memories. She sounded very pleasant, may be because I’m hearing her voice after so long ;-) Before all the excitement subsided, I was in for another shock, when she waved hand at a guy who alighted off a car.He came near and hugged her. Before I ask what is happening she introduced him to me as “He is Rahul, my husband” !!!

I knew I was a certified graduate today, but felt I need to learn a lot.. a lot about the enigma…GIRLS! I returned with my friends who were equally shocked, as she cared a zilch about informing about her marriage to any of her class mates ;-(

So let the throw-show starts ;-)

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9 Responses
  1. Alishah Says:

    nice post and them

    check out my blog/sites

  2. Anand Says:


    I reckon you made a mistake in posting this post after The call center post. This post has lost its charm and worth. You must have introduced her long back.

    If I take this post as such, It has all lineaments to go with the Unnale Unnale movie which was out in 2007.

    And you didn't mention about what happened after this dramatic turn of events.

    By the way, this post is all emotional. And I am able to understand how broken you must have been after such events.

  3. Anand Says:

    Yeah, the highly fabricated Benny must have been...

  4. Z Says:

    nice story :)
    as it goes,
    it is difficult to see wats in gals mind and the other side of moon..

  5. claypot Says:

    i still preferred the previous short story...but this one is nice too...keep it up

  6. Benny Says:

    @ Z(Balaji) interesting comment..I accept with wat u said ;-)

    @ Claypot..It is heartening to know ppl loved my previous short story.But as an author,I found this one more challenging to create!That story was simple with things happening overnight...but this was abt ones' entire college life with more emotions.So I consider this a nothch higher than that in my creations,if not in reader's point of view:)Thx ppl..keep reading n following my blog!!!

  7. Anand Says:


    I remember that your graduation day was held a month back and it strongly assured my inner mind that the guy in the post must be you. Don't think I am under estimating your creativity.

    What do you say?

  8. Benny Says:

    Anand,U r correct! My Grad day got over jus a month ago..But then as my caption s inspired by a true s just that nothing happened in my life,but it happened! Thx to my grad day,it helped me get the plot.then it was upto my creative senses to make it more appealing!hope it was:)

  9. Anand Says:

    Ya. It was really creative Benny.


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