I was just expecting some spark to ignite my blog again and it can’t get better than India losing a must win game against England in a world cup match and the cynical media and fans pointing their finger to my all time hero-MS Dhoni! So being a loyal fan of him,I need to defend him right! So people, who are already blaming it on Dhoni please don’t read it further because this post will be like adding oil to your burning fire!!!

At the outset let me appreciate the Indian population for being so sensitive that they are ready to worship their cricketers next only to God, when they win and give them all the hero- welcome when they return. Yeah,it is bound to happen in a country like India where cricket is more than a religion. But what happens when the team loses?? This is where this sensitiveness takes a wrong route.We start looking a sport like a war…We stone them, blame them ..what more?? We are unable to digest the fact that we were outplayed! Is it fair to blame a captain of MSD’s caliber,that he was solely responsible for the loss??? What would have been a wonder, some other day, turned out to be a blunder today when he played Ravindra Jadeja for Ojha.Had Jadeja’s batting clicked,Dhoni would have been hailed as the man with the Midas touch,but today you curse him for that gamble and all the more raising slogans for the removal of him as the Indian captain??Sounds crazy indeed!

How come this same Indian population forget the golden days India basked under the leadership of MSD? How come one forget the state of Indian cricket when Dhoni was made the Scape goat captain of Indian cricket?? How many believe IPL would have been such a great success without Dhoni lifting the world cup in ’07??? One has to acknowledge that the number of sweet memories Dhoni and his men gave outnumber the number of days which haunt us.Atleast for now,lets cherish the good old days of Indian cricket under MSD!!

Ofcourse everyone is disappointed including me,but showing fingers on Dhoni alone is unfair. Let’s be matured enough to accept our team failed as a unit and let’s move on rather than criticizing our heroes!!! May be India would have failed to retain the championship, but still Dhoni is the champion of the champions…If you are not convinced about that statement with his previous performances…well then wait..The coming days will prove that and more!!!

Cheers Dhoni…Thanks for the loss,you proved you are mortal too..not a magician!!!

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12 Responses
  1. Anand Says:

    The margin was very close. Expected India to win. Hope India does well the next time.

  2. Anand Says:

    PS: The post needs a bit of formatting.

  3. i was destroyed yest....cldnt sleep well....some blunder by dhoni cost us the game ! i am a big of dhoni but he disappointed me big time yest !

  4. Benny Says:

    Even I was... but blaming him for everything sounds insane.Pity him..U see the pressure he handles.U saw the Indian supporters at Lord's na.It was like Mumbai!! With all the pressure within N making swift decisions attimes this reaction frm the media n public is unacceptable! Our people need to support our team now..plz ppl grow up..start seeing a game as just a game!

  5. well, i know its just a game, and i am NOT giving unjustified reasons like sehwag was out becoz of him, or he do more ads, or he is tired or he should give up captaincy. But purely as a cricketing level, u got to understand it was a tactical mistake. In such a crucial game, you have to be spot on with ur decisions, there is no room for experimentation. How can u send jadeja ahead of yuvraj, thats my whole point of contention. Rest is all unjustified criticism, it just public reaction after the loss. And you and me also knows, as soon as next game starts in the ODI series against West Indies on 26 june, this will be a forgotten story!

    Lets hope he learns from it and doesnt make such stupid decision in the future! I have been a great fan of his ever since he came onto the scene, but he needs to pull his socks now specially in his batting, which is going down the hill specially when it comes to power hitting!


  6. Karthik Says:

    Really nice ...gud to see ppl speaking with sum sense... ppl in the name of critics(bashers) are criticizing dhoni for anything and everything , these ppl never ever deserve a captain like dhoni...

  7. Well all I can say is someone had to win and someone has to lose.So no need to cry over spilt milk!!!!
    Lets all be a good sport its only a game afterall.

  8. Akshay Says:

    Our Players Were Quite Tired I Think
    They Didnt Play There Full Potential

  9. Benny Says:

    Ha..u seem to hav joined Kirsten with his "F" factor..anyways no idea why v messed up.when a team s losing v find plenty of reasons to blame them..Ha..who ever thought the sword wil also be on Dhoni's head :( ??? Lets move on...Lets stop d blame game!

  10. Sai Manohar Says:

    Yes..Indian people and media ought to give some space to dhoni.. after all hes carrying the hopes of millions..and one more thing..No team can win continuously.. one has to understand that success is a journey not a destination.. bus

  11. Neha Says:

    people, if the experiment that dhoni did would have clicked,today ur comments would have been different...u shouldnt be saying that he should learn from his mistakes...if there wouldnt ve been any experiments, den we should b playin ths 20-20 with our senior most players...dont forget that to send irfan pathan for opening by dhoni in one of the matches turned the whole game around whr he scored 80 odd its better to let him do his job rather thn we deciding on hs behalf wat he should or shouldnt have matter what, i love indian team even if they lose each and every game they play...

  12. Benny Says:

    well said Neha...Cheers..India will get back to winning ways under Dhoni pretty soon:)


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