I’m quite happy celebrating my cousin’s birthday today. But the topic I chose to write may raise a few brows’. It is about death-the only word, which in itself raises fear for many.Well 'Death' is the greatest enigma, mystery to me and many. It involves things unseen and unknown to my mortal mind that I can't even begin to comprehend. It has baffled humankind from times out of mind. And yet despite all attempts to solve the mystery, it has remained as mysterious as ever before. Leaving all the mystery about “what happens after death” behind, I want to pose this question to my fellow readers here.

What happens during death?? What would be the final thought of a man when he is sure, he is going to die??

Take for instance a man who is going to be hanged, a guy who is drowning, a gal who commits suicide, a woman in a ventilator anticipating death, a person who meets with a fatal accident.

What will they think???

Will it be their family? Will it be the sins which they have committed? Will it be about his responsibilities? Will it be about the future of his loved ones? Will it be a rewind of all those beautiful moments in his life? Or will he ever have time to think about this, as his mind goes bleak? Or do angels come to him to minister him during
this process,giving him no
chance to think anything?Or does God
allow those who have gone on before him the privilege of returning long enough to
help comfort him through this passage?

I’m not sure. May be no one who escaped from the jaws of death came to explain me this and I’m sure no one will ever do it also! It
will always be a mystery to us until the day we can see it through the eyes of death.I believe u guys have thought of your death atleast once in your life.If not think about this now and post your ideas about that ultimate moment of your life. What do you think will cross your mind when you are about to walk into your eternal life…!!!

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13 Responses
  1. It would probably take me five pages to explain what happened to me in those moments before my heart stopped, and then what came next. In my case I knew something bad was about to happen. The doctor and surgeon became excited and I even heard them call for the crashcart. There is no way to describe the peace in those minutes before my heart finally stopped. I did not see "angels", or anyone, but there was a massive feeling of peace and lack of concern. There is a strange, sudden sense of knowledge that makes you understand there is nothing to fear. The only thing I did consider at the time was being thankful this had not happened in front of my family at the other hospital. (They had flown me from the small hospital to a trauma center and my family had not arrived) I was in a dark-like ?????? (not tunnel) feeling of rapid movement and I remember thinking, Okay, I'm supposed to see a bright light... I kept wondering where it was. Then,suddenly I was back in the trauma room and things got weird. I stood there and watched them working on me for several seconds..... I will not go into the whole thing here and take up space but if there is anything I can say to another human being it would be that even though there is the sensation of pain a warm sense of "company" is there and that knowledge I spoke of.(God, I can't begin to explain the knowledge inside your mind) It is the strangest peace that keeps you from being afraid. It's almost like, "Okay you guys, quit fussiong over me and let me get out of here!!!" So don't be afraid of death....Don't let it worry you. (Just a note: the incident connected me with a past life in World War One. I now know beyond doubt that past lives exist.) E.J.

  2. Neha Says:
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  3. Neha Says:

    my experience was slightly different...i had gone in my past life thru hypnotherapy...n there i saw myself dying in the end...i died due to a heart attack, n the only thought crossing my mind was that all my life i was there for people, but when i am dying today, i am all alone...i died with this grudge n the rest of the story is difficult to explain...but yes, there is a past life...not one but many...u are reborn immediately after dying and there is no such thing as heaven or hell...whatever u ve done, u ve gotta pay it here itself...its always a new life, new beginning...

  4. Benny Says:

    @ Neha, Even I hav the same idea that "there is no such thing as heaven or hell...whatever u ve done, u ve gotta pay it here itself...its always a new life, new beginning"..I was actually planning to write something abt the same in my next blog!Lets see if I can write somethin!thx 4 d comments!

  5. Neha Says:

    i am sure its gonna be an interesting read...

  6. Benny Says:

    thanq..cheers mate!keep checking mine!

  7. claypot Says:

    Actually i have thought about it at times before...but i let it aside because...i know im not gonna get the answers...i know it's a complicated issue...many religions teaches different things...some religions believe in reincarnation but my religion dont...but i still have doubts in that...maybe i should try like what Neha did...hypnotherapy...i've seen that a lot in tv...oh yeah back to the track...i seriously do not know how would i feel at the moment or what would i be thinking...i've heard people saying it would be very brief...leaving of the soul...some said we would never feel any there's nothing to worry about death...i think we should all think about death but not too would surely effect some...we should rather concentrate on living live upto the that when it was time to die...we will have no regrets and die peacefully

  8. Well death is one thing that will surely happen....
    All other have to be planned...
    I feel why should i bother abt it when it will surely come....

    And when it comes I ll think abt my past,the things i couldnt do and the things which brought a smile on people faces...

    A long time ago i read an article on The Reader's Digest. It was abt life after death. People who had reportedly returned after being death for a while shared their experience...

    You can google that.....

    Btw i love yr blog template...
    Its cool.... :)

  9. Z Says:

    its difficult to explain wat actually happens after death and im very interested in finding tat...
    i have heard original stories from people communicating with dead persons. I believe there is some other concept of God from what we know now..
    wat do u think?

  10. Benny Says:

    @ Z...being a staunch Catholic I believe in only one God,but I beg to differ in one idealogy that,there s Heaven and Hell..I feel in rebirth and so I suppose we wont get a chance to njoy d beautiful Heaven or d contrasting Hell! It is upto us to make our life,which v live now into Heaven or Hell!:)

  11. Shyamala Says:

    You know Benny, there's a book called "Many Lives, Many Masters" by an American psychoanalyst, Dr.Brian Weiss. I think I completely agree with what he writes. He says that our souls are indestructible. All of us are here to attain the "Greater Knowledge". Our souls evolve in each birth it takes. In every birth, we attain some knowledge that finally, gradually, leads us to the "greatest truth". Till that, our soul just keeps hanging around of sorts! And the best part is, every time, we get to choose whom we wanna be reborn as, and amidst what people. More often than not, all the souls choose to congregate with the ones they are more comfortable with. So, you'd most likely choose to be with your parents and friends. It is not necessary at all that in your previous or forthcoming births, your relation with the other soul is preserved. Can be absolutely anything. Even your gender in the next birth needn't be the same.
    Getting back to the point, I think, while dying, I'll see the masters, who'll guide me through the transition, and ask me if I have some more learning to do, or I have attained the greater knowledge. I associate this feeling with everythin that's pure and white!!

  12. Benny Says:

    @Shyamala..interesting thoughts..Somethin new I'm hearing!All these comments has jus increased my eagerness to know more abt this mystery!:(


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