A tantalizing romance…

Wishing all the Malayalis across the globe,A very Happy onam!!!And thanks to Indiblogger users,who voted for me in the poll conducted last month.I’m honoured to end up in the top 5 ranks in Literature:Short story section! Thanq! This new story may sound familiar to you,but I have tried to write it in my own style,with a few changes! Do read and comment honestly..Thanks!

Anisha has just started to dance to the tunes of her life…Entering the final year of her college..the pressure of placements,final year projects,cold war within her friends circle has made life miserable for her! She was missing her parents very badly as her hostel friends have deserted her for some silly reason.The only solace Anisha found during these days of hardship was the beach near her hostel,which was just a 5 kms drive.As she was busy with her tight college schedule during the weekdays,she made it a point to visit the beach every Saturday! She was more than happy to go to the beach alone..spend more time introspecting about herself,speak with those waves which caressed her feet every now and then,enjoy the beautiful scene of the sun kissing the sea at the horizon,envying those cute couples holding hands and walking together,looking at the families who were enjoying their weekend,eavesdropping and giggling at the newly married couples and sipping her Pepsi can,Anisha had her best time of the week,being alone!

It was one such Saturday,when Anisha caught the attention of a smart,clean- shaved guy,who must have been in his early 20’s wearing a casual T shirt and a faded jean,with his ears plugged with headsets and was smiling to himself. He was sitting alone, just like Anisha and was admiring the beauty of the sun set.She was surprised to see him alone,as she has only seen guys come in group to this beach! She was tempted to speak to him,but her conservative upbringing held her back.She just wished she got a company to speak something,that evening…But she never got one,as darkness started to creep and her watch struck 7. She left the beach soon,as she had to report to her warden before 8.

It was yet another hectic week of assingments and assessments,that she could not wait for the next Saturday to come ! When it eventually came,she was thrilled as usual about her rendezvous with the beach! She arrived in her favourite pink salwars,charming as always, at the beach before the sun set! She sat at her usual place,which she has almost made it her own! After few minutes,Anisha was in for a pleasant surprise as her eyeballs caught the same guy,with whom she thought of speaking the last week.The guy was sitting alone even today,which again tempted Anisha to speak to him,but she wasn’t able to make the move. At that moment of destiny,as Anisha was wondering how to start a conversation,that guy,by chance turned back and saw Anisha staring at him.She nervously smiled back at him which was more than enough for a guy sitting alone in the beach,to make the first move!!! ;-)

A warm hand shake and a pleasing smile followed by,” This is Rahul” was enough to wipe off any “strange”r feelings in the mind of Anisha. She reciprocated,”This is Anisha,doing my final year of engineering”.Rahul was neatly dressed,clean shaved and posed to be from a decent and well educated family.Anisha was really happy as she found someone to speak with. “U come alone to beach?” Rahul asked.”Ha..You are not bad.I was about to ask you the same,but you asked me first ;) “ quipped Anisha… Rahul smiled as he replied,”Yeah..I love being alone”.Anisha opined,”Me too.I love being alone,until, I feel that I’m lonely.That feeling sickens me”. Soon,they struck the right chord as they had many things in common to discuss. Anisha,kept on speaking,that she even forgot she had to return to her hostel before 8 and when she realised it was late,she quickly bid goodbye to Rahul and left the place.Rahul assured to meet Anisha the next Saturday at the same beach! While returning to the hostel in her bike,Anisha was full of smiles as she felt she has got someone special in her life. She was cherishing those moments she spend with Rahul.She liked Rahul’s way of speaking,his maturity,his style and most importantly how she felt when Rahul was around! Anisha prayed that even Rahul had those special feelings for her after the meeting!

Her next week was full of excitement as she kept waiting for the Saturday to arrive, when she could meet Rahul again.She has never had such feelings for a guy ever in her past 21 years and she was enjoying that.She smiled at herself,thinking how she had developed such feelings towards a guy to whom she has spoken only once. When Saturday eventually arrived,she went to the beach,quite early, thinking that she could spend more time with him. Rahul,although arrived only at the promised time and Anisha was just happy he came! Anisha openly admitted that Rahul was very smart today,as he really was, in his black shirt and light blue jean!The mutual admiration continued.Anisha was feeling that she has started to lose her heart slowly to this remarkably decent guy! Their meeting continued for a few weeks like this. These weeks of meeting Rahul at the beach has only made her romantic feelings get stronger towards him.

Anisha decided to tell her feelings to Rahul when they meet this Saturday.But she feared to do it,as she was not sure,if Rahul too had the same feelings.But she couldn’t resist all these feelings any more, alone! She very badly needed Rahul into her life..make him very much her own property! So she decided to give Rahul a card with a note inside,which would reveal how deeply she loved him.She was excited about the whole thing and was equally tensed too. Her instincts kept saying her that Rahul would not reject her proposal and that gave her some blind confidence to move forward with that idea!

The D’day arrived.Anisha arrived at the beach before the sun set! She was amazingly beautiful in her black salwars,which would make any head turn towards her! She was thrilled about meeting Rahul.It was almost an hour since she reached the beach,but Rahul hasn’t arrived yet.She was worried and tensed! She just had the company of those tides which replicated her heart beats now,rapidly going up and down every second!!! After a long wait,Rahul appeared before Anisha.”Sorry ya.Was busy the whole day.Somehow managed to make it here” and this voice eased the tension that was building in Anisha’s mind!!! “Rahul,happy to see you.I thought you will never come today” Anisha told. Rahul as usual excited seeing Anisha said,”Hey I have something to tell u today”… .”Is it?? Even I wanted to tell u something today!!!” revelaed Anisha and continued “So you first tell me what you wanted to tell” as she stood expecting him to tell her the same thing,which she too wanted to tell him!

“Well Anisha..My family has got the Green card and we are leaving India to get settled at the States! We will be leaving India tomorrow night.I’m really excited thinking about that.” These words tore Anisha’s heart as she never expected this from Rahul.He never told her about his idea of settling at the States before! Anisha,trying not to show off her disappointment replied ,”Wow..Thats great Rahul…I’m very happy for you!” and tried to smile! Anisha felt cheated now as she was sure Rahul had no feelings for her,as she had for him! Rahul saw the card in her hand and asked,”So what did you want to tell me? Whats’ the card Anisha?” She did not want to reveal her love to Rahul now,as she knew he won’t accept her and trying to hide the truth replied,”Ha..Rahul..My parents have fixed my marriage.It is as soon as I complete my degree.The card is the sample copy(proof) which I’m asked to check before it goes for printing” and hid the card from his sight! Rahul expressed the delight hearing the news,which even confirmed he never saw her as his soul mate.Anisha was crestfallen! Rahul said he was busy,getting his packing done before he leaves for US and left the place soon,promising to meet her when he comes to India next time!

As soon as Rahul left,Anisha tore the card and threw in the sea and broke down! She wasn’t able to think of the next Saturday when she will be all alone again! She was cursing her luck,for Rahul entered her life,when she never expected him to come,but left her when she expected him to stay! She never wanted to return back to the hostel.She found relief speaking to those waves which kept comforting her every now and then.She wanted to curse Rahul, but she wasn’t able to! When she thought of Rahul,what came into her mind was those beautiful moments she spend with him.Anisha was not able to hate Rahul for what he did now! She loved him even more for those unforgettable memories he gave to her,when she was in the toughest phase of her life! Who else could have brought that beautiful smile back to that charming face of Anisha ….


29th August 2009

It was yet another Saturday.Infact my last Saturday here in India.I was very excited about meeeting Anisha today.As I have to leave to US tomorrow,I was busy the whole day- shopping,meeting friends,packing stuffs. My schedule for the day was so cramped that I feared if I could meet Anisha in the evening. But somehow managed to reach the Elliot’s beach quite late in the evening! Guys,let me confess here how excited I was.I bought a bunch of red roses for her and locked it in the car.I knew this was the last chance for me to let Anisha know how much I loved and cared for her .I even dressed very romantically today ;-) I was slightly nervous,but I was sure Anisha would not note that when I start speaking casually with her! I saw Anisha sitting in her usual place,contemplating something very seriously.She was in that same black salwars,which I once said was perfect for her! I saw her holding a card with her,unusually.My heart said it must be a romantic letter written to me,but my mind warned me that girls like Anisha don’t dare to propose to guys and it must be something else! Seeing Anisha I begged pardon as I was late.She was excited to see me,as she showed no signs of being angry with me.I felt comfortable.I told her that I’m leaving to US tomorrow.She was very excited and I could sense that! I was also feeling happy seeing her,and thought that was the perfect time to tell her my love! But my happiness was stolen the next second,as she said her marriage was fixed and that she was having her marriage invitation in her hand! For once in my life,what my heart felt was wrong and what my mind thought was right! I did not like to see her marriage invitation,as she too did not like to show it or invite me.I never thought Anisha would still see me just as a stranger. I did not want to speak anything more with her,as I bid good bye pretty soon and left the place.Thousands of thoughts crept my mind as I walked from the shore to my car.How much did I love Anisha.. Din’t she know that I was the guy who completed her incompleteness??? How much times did I tell her that she came into my life,when I needed someone like her…How many clues did I give her to make her understand I loved her?? Are girls always like this?? By now, I reached my car.I saw those those beautiful red roses still fresh.I took it,thrashed them and threw in the trashbin! I drove home alone,but felt lonely for the first time in my life and was reminded by Anisha’s words..I’m also sick of this feeling now!!! is time to sleep…sleep one last time in the soil where I found my first love… Good night !!! Thanks for those beautiful memories Anisha!

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30 Responses
  1. Neha Says:

    ahem ahem, a story from 2 point of views...good good...I quite liked Anisha's part, but Rahul's part, I felt you are rushing fast...elaborate it a bit more na...give more details...let it be long...otherwise, a superb story :)

  2. SANTOSH Says:

    machan one of the most heart rending yet sweet love stories yet.though it doesn hav the mills&boon endin...i feel tats wat makes tis v v v my msg 2 ppl readin tis and to the owner of tis blog himself is tis "its never 2 late 4 anythin in life".it seemed like a movie 2 me..not many ppl can "write" for readers 2 "see"...gr8 wrk ben...expecting more such stuff frm u...

  3. Benny Says:

    @ Neha..I felt this in itself is long and if I extend it,I feared if readers wil ignore this..So jus made it short!N I felt what I wrote was apt 4 one's diary part(not so long,not so short)! anyways thx Neha 4 u r comment!!!

  4. Benny Says:

    @ Santosh..Thanks da..Biggest compliment a writer can get,when u say u can visualize the whole thing!N sure wil write more! N then I wanna tel u this too "its never 2 late 4 anythin in life"...I guess u understood wat I meant :P
    Keep visiting machi:)

  5. HaRy!! Says:

    i agree that all sad endings have a very strong impact, but ithu yelam tooo much:(! the story was toooo good... real deep and dwelling of how a love can evolve! Anisha's part was very very beautiful , especially the way yu described her...most of the final year gals, wud fit in! But yu cud have written more of Rahul, felt it kinda completed in a rush! neverthless a chweet story....y not write the story again with a happy ending...just for my sake :) ha ha then athu oru tamil movie ending aidum...just jokin and sorry for the looooong comment..luv the post..kalakalz bro

    H a R y

  6. Priyanka Says:

    I have to agree with Neha here. Rahul's part was rather abrupt if you ask me.
    Your readers would love to read please don't edit. Every word adds more meaning to the story in my opinion.
    But on the whole I really loved it. The emotions captured gave it a very Mills and Boon hue.
    Lovely story.

  7. Benny Says:

    @ Hary...Anna,edhuku epdi oru aasai? Let it be like this na!why a happy ending? Then ppl wil start comparing with some tamil movie! Vendaaa...happy with this sad end:)N seems u loved Anisha of this any chance do u knw any gal by the name Anisha in real life..something fishy anna ;)

  8. Benny Says:

    @ Priyanka.. Had I known u readers,would love to read more,I would have dragged a bit more!But still I feel, I had written enough to make the readers feel how deep Rahul loved Anisha...after all Rahul was just writing his personal diary.So it can't be so long...But as almost everyone say the same,I now feel I must have added few more emotions! :(
    N happy u loved it this way:)wil write more the next time ;)

  9. Gayathri Says:

    Beautiful..I dropped by,coz hary told my latest post resembled your story,although from a different angle..not that i felt it resembled..but this was too good..although i see others commenting on a hasty end,what i loved more was rahul's notes..i love things concise and succinct.. to put up deep felt emotions in fewer words is really nice :)..cheers :)

    Do let me know if u happen to read my version..

  10. Anand Says:

    wow. Tamil Padam Effects.

  11. Benny Says:

    @ Gaya3.. thx for visiting my blog :) atleast there s one soul which stands by my side,on the way I handled Rahul's part..happy :) N checked u r blog..was v gud :) keep writing!!!

    @ Anand..I wonder if it s U or ME who s ruined watching tamil padams..U have a tamil film to compare with every story of mine :O

  12. Shruti Says:

    "sleep one last time in the soil where I found my first love… Good night !!! Thanks for those beautiful memories Anisha!"
    These lines brought down the same feeling as the last post! Lost Love!!

    Wonderful re!! I don've words!!


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Loved the story :) I feel Rahul's diary could have been more romantically touched!

  14. Sai Prakash Says:

    I know to comment is easy rather than writing a story.On the whole it is a gud one! It wud have been better if u wud have taken care of the following aspects in the rahul's part!

    In Anisha's Part u kept an eye on the surroundings & Mother nature's beauty very well,which u did not do in Rahul's part.Ofcourse reader's may find same things but anisha and rahul are 2 different charecters. So, in general rahul wud also mention something about his surroundings & beauty in his diary.

    You should have shed some light on "why rahul loves being alone?"

    Thank U! U made a gud ending. In between i thought the girl might commit suicide as she lost the just found love which made her happiest person.

    Do take my comments as critics, so that u can come up with the best next time!

  15. Benny Says:

    @ Shruti.. I dono why I'm fascinated towards Lost love al d time.One of d reason may be coz its wat I see around and its wat happens in most of the real life stories..hmm wil try something different soon:)

  16. Benny Says:

    @ Ramya...thx and Rahul's part...Hmmm not again :( don't know why it sounds mundane to almost al d readers!It may be coz for the first time I used someother guy's name-Rahul in my posts.Guess using the name Benny,itself,would have brought out the true romantic feelings out of me :P

  17. Benny Says:

    @ Sai.. thx da..I knw u r visting my blog for the first time:) N nice to hear I hav a critic in Sai. And Rahul part..Ya now I feel I should hav written Rahul's part more "beautifully"!missed d trick :( Sure I wil keep improving..thx 4 u r wishes :)

  18. Sat_hi_sh Says:

    i like ur way of expressing in ur stories :)
    really loved this one :)

    keep blogging :)

    btw check out my new post & leave ur comments Benny :)

  19. Benny Says:

    @ Sathish.. thx da:) N ya I wil check u r blog..keep visiting.. :)

  20. Neha Says:

    hi Benny, congratulations...there is an award waiting for you...please check my blog for further details..:)

  21. The Rat... Says:

    duh!!! why cant ppl talk out.. why they need to assume things... duh duh!!

    :-) nice one benny

  22. Benny Says:

    @ The Rat.. thx Anna for checking my blog..and seems u hav some sour experience ;) romba feel panringa :D

  23. The Rat... Says:

    peelings of india :(
    and benny na anna illa.. me a girl.. :-)

  24. Benny Says:

    Oh noo.. Reading u r posts I presumed u must be a guy! ok Akka sorry :D he he... N keep visiting my blog ya:)

  25. Shruti Says:

    benny,a surprise awaits you!
    Check out my blog!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    After reading this I am somehow convinced that love is too strange and one should never hide it....
    a beautiful narration Da!!
    I am deeply affected by the continuity of language used and your adeptness at creating pictures....

    You are indeed Benny the awesome...

    and yes..And I am very sorry that I took so much of bahanas from my side...but I bet I will be quicker from next time..


  27. Benny Says:

    @ Shruti..thx 4 u r award..I'm honoured:)

    @ RSV..dude,thx 4 u r compliments! as u hav assured me,frm d next time do check my blog on time ;)

  28. Shruti Says:

    Hi :)
    you are tagged!
    Check my blog!

    Keep smiling!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    hey check out..
    an award awaits you.....

  30. Benny Says:

    @ Shruti N Rahul..thx ya.. feels good.. :)


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