From the greatest to the least, from the most beautiful to the most ordinary, death is the universal equalizer. Jesus - the King of the Jews, the Messiah, and the Son of God - shared the human experience of death and proved His mortality. His heart stopped beating, his lungs ceased their constant inhaling and exhaling, and the electrical impulses within his brain slowed and subsided into nothingness and he died on the Cross. And this very day is remembered as the Good Friday by the Christians all over the world. Being a Christian myself, I always had this doubt if I must rejoice or mourn on this day -“Good Friday”. This day has brought a virtual divide amidst the Christians all over the world. Some see Good Friday as a day to mourn and weep recollecting the horrible crucifixion of Jesus on the cross. Others see, Good Friday as a day to celebrate, for through His death our sins were washed away, our lives were purified. I’m in an ambivalent state, because my family wants me to follow the former and I wish to do the later!

I chose to rejoice just because of the fact- Jesus not only died,but He died in my place…died so that I could have life. He suffered so that I could find peace. He endured the darkness of Calvary so that I could experience the light of the Good News. He endured the curse so that I could enjoy the blessing. He was alienated from God so that I could be reconciled to God. Jesus Christ offered not a lamb or a bull but himself in sacrifice to God. Jesus was both the person offering the sacrifice for sin, and the sacrifice! Nothing less would take away the sin of the world, and nothing more valuable could take his place. So..When someone has done so much good for you to lead a peaceful life, I wonder why people chose to mourn this day??

Good Friday-by no means is a day to mourn. It is a day to rejoice-rejoice the fact that we have a merciful Father, who is ready to forgive our sins and embrace us as His own child…who is ready to share His body and blood with us..who is ready to guide us through our entire life. But in this world, where we race against time to fulfill our materialistic desires, we often forget to remember this loving and caring Father. We commit sins, keep on committing sins. We give place for everything that is evil in our life. We find time to go to a theatre or a mall, but not to Church. We find time to party, but no time to pray. We find time to celebrate, but forget to worship Him! But after you do all this,He still loves you so much. You wanna know how much He loves you??Just look at the Cross here. He spreads his arms on the cross, not just to be nailed but to show the amount of love He has!!Yeah He loves us so much!!!

My dear friends, till now you may not have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ and experienced his forgiveness and joy. Don't let the opportunity pass by on this Good Friday! I invite you, right now, to thank Jesus for dying on the Cross for your sins, in your place, and ask him to enter your life, to cleanse you and take control of your life. May this Good Friday help u rediscover God’s tremendous merciful love and the invitation from Calvary to show compassion to those who might have no one to help them face the prospect of death.


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