It is the season of board exams and I have three of my cousins writing it this year. As I happened to be their eldest brother, they were left with no other option than to seek so-called-advice from me before the exams. Pity them ;-) I met them before their exams to tell about my experience and my approach towards board exams. Speaking with them for two hours, I found something very intriguing, at least for me, which had a striking parallel towards our life. It was when I asked them, if they would start answering with the objectives (1 mark) or the detail answers (10 marks) first. Three of them answered in unison that they start with the detailed answers. I was surprised hearing that as my teachers have taught me to start with the objectives and they say the rest will fall in place if you have scored well in the objectives. When I said the same to my cousins, they opined that studying a detailed answer was easy than objectives and they termed objectives as “tough” than a detail answer :-) Yeah the Generation Next thinks differently u see!!!

Yeah I reiterate Generation Next thinks and acts differently! They are ready to do big and novel things, forgetting the basic and simple things, which would eventually get them those big things. Those small acts start from the home. Everyone wants to get his/her mom a designer sari, dad a branded shirt to make them happy but we seldom realize to tell how much you love them. We always want to spend huge amount to prove that we love them, forgetting those priceless words “I love you mom\dad”! When it comes to being a parent, how nice it would be to pat on his child’s shoulder when he scores 80% and say ”well done my son! Try to get more next time!” rather than scolding him for not scoring the rest. We people, albeit being matured forget these simple gestures, which would make other person happy and feel good.

We must have been a part of many birthday bash, where we gift our friends,the best things on earth and they reciprocate it during ours with something even better! But as time passes by, we tend to forget what they gave, but we still remember that one friend who hugged you and said “You are really special. You came into my life, when I needed someone like you. I thank God for having send you to me! Long live my friend ”I swear it must be one of the best feelings on earth! How wonderful your girl will feel when you say “I love you” seeing her eyes and kissing her forehead rather then spending dollars getting a diamond pendant for her! Blame it on what?? Our upbringing?? Society?? Culture?? I’m not sure though. We never speak out things…we always want others to just understand what we feel, which is really tough without actually telling that. We think doing big and buying the costliest thing is the best way to impress others.It might be true..but doing small and priceless deeds/gestures is the sweetest way to impress others! Life, sometimes becomes so selfish that it wants everything. But while trying for everything, see to that you don’t miss that something that is worth everything!

Oh ya..after a week I met my cousin and asked how she approached her exam. She smiled sarcastically with a who'll-follow-ur word brother attitude and said that she started with detailed answer and she has done her objectives badly. Let’s see who has the last laugh, when the results are out!;-) But I really wish the teacher who evaluates, defies my ideology and think Big things big! But to my readers here, why not try objectives when you are able to do a detail answer??Small is big!!!

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  1. claypot Says:

    hehe...i'll do the objectives first too...then oli the subjectives...oh as old as you are...that means im in the older generation...well, the thought that matters...not the material for your birthday, no gifts den...only's true we often fail to express our feelings or say it out.we think they will know it.we expect they to know it but it's wrong coz sometimes people needs reassurance and that is when words plays its role


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