It was one of the Hollywood films this season, which I was very eager to watch! And at the end, I got a chance to watch “Marley & me” this week. The film is about a family, which owns a Labrador and it depicts the pleasure of bringing it up in a beautiful way. It is that rare kind of films which activates your lachrymal glands without your knowledge and at the end of the film makes you realize that, now you need a handkerchief to wipe of those tears!!! It was easy for me to relate with the protagonist in the film as,even I have my very own experience with my Labrador-My very own Tinku!

I still remember the day when he was b(r)ought home, some 5 years back as a small, cute puppy licking my legs when I came home after my school farewell day! I came late after the celebrations at school (My schoolmates will know what this celebration means ;-)). By then my parents have already baptized him Tinku in memory of my previous dog with the same name. So there is a Tinku again-my cute small brother! Those initial days with him were really difficult, in the sense, at night he never dares to sleep alone and so he used to sleep with me, disturbing most of my sleep. But as a puppy it was wonderful hugging and sleeping with him. Oops! I never knew that would become a habit later on. These days with his gigantic size, I hardly get space in MY bed to sleep. I m getting used to sleep on the ground safeguarding my dog! Good job indeed :-D

Ha..Just kidding! He lives upto the reputation of a guardian to our family! I must say this now. Some days before, late in the night, we were woken up to a loud and continuous barking of Tinku. When we got up to check what the matter is, we saw a man being caught by Tinku. He had entered our house parking area. We are still not sure if he was a robber or a drunkard who came inside our house, thinking if it was his! Pity him anyways. Tinku was really ferocious and wanted to have a go at him! The man went nervous and was pleading to my dad to come and save him. My dad was reluctant initially, then feeling sorry for that man, went and brought Tinku in! The man disappeared the next second. I felt he could give Usain Bolt a run for his money! Haha! He ran away so fast!

It is always a pleasure to have someone like Tinku, who hears to whatever you blabber and barks at you when u go overboard ;-) He smiles so generously at you always waving his tail. He eats a lot and sleeps a lot. Hmmm he is lazy. But I doubt if he was really lazy before or has just turned lazy these days seeing his elder brother ;-) Ha ha..He barks a lot and he intimidates whoever comes to my house. But no complaints, coz that is what he is assigned to do!

Now, let me stop singing praises about him, coz I never intended to write a testimonial for Tinku here, rather I wanted to tell my fellow readers the pleasure of having a faithful and a loyal animal like a dog in your family! Dogs…never want a big home, designer clothes, fancy cars…doesn’t care if you are rich or poor…clever or dull, smart or dumb. They love you a lot no matter what…Give ‘em your heart and he’ll give you his. How many people can make you feel special, pure and rare! How many people can make you feel…extraordinary??

You still not convinced about owning a dog…sorry.. Adopting a child, then you must watch Marley & me now…right now..

Treasure the treasures..Love u dogs!!

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3 Responses
  1. Vetri Says:

    Nice testimonial for yur tinku da..
    My Dad is totally against keeping Dogs at home...eventhough i brought one from ma friend's home.
    I named it jack and was playing with it..after a month, one sunday morning, when i woke up jack was not der in its place...My Dad gave it someone....I cried awwwwwwwwww :(

  2. claypot Says:

    y u din put tinku's photo?

  3. bency Says:

    as ur sis,I accept wid wht u said abt our tinku...its definitely a pleasure having him...I just wannna add one more thing to wht u said..DONT TRY TO HARM THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES..KEEP LOVING THEM


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