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Of late joining the bandwagon of eminent directors turning heroes is Sasikumar, director of Subramaniyapuram for a film titled “Nadoodi”. This has become a trend these days with people like Cheran, Sundar.C, S.J.Suryah, Thankar Bachan wishing to act infront of the camera rather than their familiar acts behind the screen! It may sound extraordinary wondering about the versatility and talent of these people. But what aches the normal audience is the lack of genuinely decent films like Autograph, Vaali, AnbeSivam which the above mentioned directors have created and made an everlasting impact on the minds of we people! The eagerness to watch another full stretch hilarious Ulathai Allitha rather than a Perumal or a Thee has grown vividly amidst the normal theatre-goers!

These new heroes may find acting as an easy way to mint money or find acting more easier than the responsibilities and pressure a director has! Whatever may be the case the ultimate loser is the urban audience who have come off ages and are really matured. They look up to their heroes not only for their acting skills but also the style, charisma, energy, looks and of course 6 packs ;-) I doubt if these so called heroes fulfill any of these criterions :- ( I may be harsh on Cheran who has given super hits Autograph and Thavamai Thavamirundhu, being a hero in those films. But ya..He was also the director of those two films. No complaints if he can direct and act in the same movie. We know what the end product would be..So Cheran..are u listening??We accept you as a hero when you can direct and act in the same movie. NO Raman thediya Seethai or a Pirivom Sandhipom again plz!

The biggest disappointment for me is the oblivion of S.J.Suryah as a director.After a hat trick of success with Vaali, Kushi, New this maverick director has turned into a hero who is on the verge of redefining Newton’s 3rd law now!! Whenever I see him on the screen I wonder with what qualification he convinced himself to be the hero..his voice,his hairdo or his body?? The most envying thing is that he gets a new heroine for every film. Spare Sundar.C for that. He is satisfied with Namitha ;-)

Well now I may sound like I m poking my nose into their business!But unless these directors start doing their proper business(directing),I can’t mind my own business just because we love films, love the art of making films and we are proud of your directions Sir! We love to watch a film like Autograph again, an Arunachalam again, a Subramaniyapuram again..Please direct again rather than acting. We are there to act when u direct ;-) After all the whole world is a stage and we are the actors na!

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2 Responses
  1. Vetri Says:

    Dai what is ur probelm??? [;D]

    Ivan laam hero eh nadikaranae-naa??
    Ivan laam namitha kooda yum...puthu puthu heroine kooda u nadikaraan-naa??

  2. Claypot Says:

    Yes, i also think that is ben's problem...he cant stand the fact these people gets to act in the movies and he cant...hehehe


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